Why everyone should travel. *

There are so many benefits to travelling. You can meet new people, discover different cultures and experience some amazing food (or coffee, in my case).

Exploring new places also gives you a new level of understanding and helps you see what a small role you have in the world...I mean, y’know, in the best way possible. It opens your mind and improves your perspective on things.

Mama Latter always likes to comment on that kind of thing when we’re flying off on holiday. We’ll be in Gatwick North Terminal; grabbing coffee at Pret, selecting a perfect vegan breakfast pot in EAT, or just sitting on the ground floor waiting for our gate number, and she’ll look around at all the people crammed into a single space, each one going somewhere different, somewhere new or very familiar, and she’ll say wistfully: ‘it really makes you think just how many people there are in the world...’
This of course has become such a common occurrence that we now say it for her before she gets the chance. It’s a Mama-ism!

Travelling has also been shown to improve your overall health, as well as help your creativity and make you generally better at dealing with stressful situations. It can be easy to see why, too; you go to places where you don’t speak the language necessarily, but then you spend time learning how to get from one place to the other, and you buy a coffee with more confidence each day.

If you’re finding your day to day work – or even personal – life a little too hectic and stressful, then planning a trip is always a good idea. Think of it as something to work towards – or a break right in the middle of the madness, when you will no doubt need it most.

In case you needed any more reasons...

Improve communication skills.

As I already mentioned, you have to communicate when you travel – often very awkwardly, if you’re not at least semi-fluent in another language. So, being able to read body language and speaking clearly yourself are all skills that can be improved through travel.

(I really thought my German was improving after my 4th trip to Berlin, but then I went to a cafe and asked for ‘vasser’ and was brought a tall glass of orange juice…? Evidently I need to work harder...)

Helps you manage money.

When you only have a certain amount of money to book a trip or to take with you on a trip, then you really gotta learn to manage it. Whether that means taking extra time to compare airport parking prices at Gatwick, maybe, or just setting yourself an amount each day for food, sightseeing and evening bevs.

(When I went to Aus last Christmas, I got a Caxton card. Super handy and very easy to manage; no international costs and you can transfer money onto it easily online. Thanks for the rec, Michelle G!) 

Peace of mind.

Getting away from your ‘normal’ life, physically and mentally, can be a much-needed breakin the busy lives that we lead. The stress and tension sometimes disappears as soon as we step off the plane and into somewhere new. You have a set amount of time to focus on something else and disconnect, if only temporarily. You can hit the reset button!

Gets you out of your comfort zone.

It’s so true that life experiences often begin just outside your comfort zone. The more that you are out of that safe – sometimes restricting – space, the more chance you have of growing as a person. You may find that what drove you crazy before, doesn’t any more. You’re often forced to be more creative, open your mind and use your imagination. Travel generally means you have to get a little creative sometimes, as you explore new places and spaces. It’s almost a literal ‘leaving of the comfort zone’.

Confidence boost!

Going to a place where you don’t know anyone can be so intimidating. But if you are able to go there, explore, see the things you want to, and make it home...your confidence is gonna skyrocket. You can do these things that challenge you the most. So...what are you waiting for?



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