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Some people are born with confidence, and exude it naturally in everything they do. They seem to breeze through life, feeling good about themselves and without a care in the world. The reality is probably different; we all have moments when we feel a bit down about ourselves or when we struggle to let our true personality shine through.

Confidence, or rather a lack of it, can really hold you back in life and stop you from achieving goals and dreams. So, I thought we’d take a look at some effective ways to boost your confidence, so you can start living your best life…

Help someone else.

Helping someone else will almost always make you feel better about yourself. You feel good because you have done something good for another person. Simple as. So rather than focusing on your perceived weaknesses, focus on helping someone else, and this will grow your confidence automatically.

Something that works for me? Whenever I get good customer service, I tweet the company shouting out to the employees who helped me the most, always making sure I name them and their store. And I can confirm, those little tweets always get back to the staff via managers or Head Office! I love the idea of making their day(s), while bigging them up to the big guys. 

Be prepared.

If you are not prepared for the many thrills and terrors life has to offer you, this will definitely affect your confidence. It’s like going into work not being ready for the day ahead – you didn’t make those notes for that witch Sandra, your major project is still at home, as it has been for a week, untouched – you start to stress out and then you question your abilities. If you had taken the time to put a To Do list together and ensure you have everything you need, you would feel much more chill and confident in your ability to tackle the day ahead of you. 

Yeah, okay, life isn’t as straightforward as doing a week of meal prep every Sunday night (although tbf who even does that, anyway?) and keeping Sandra off your back with a sickly-sweet latte as you the office and a kind email once you’ve sat down at your desk...but it’s not far off. I keep To Do lists in Notes on my phone – and I scribble the tiniest tasks in my diary just so I can tick them off later and feel proud of myself. And I start every day with a calming cup of green tea, in bed, scrolling through Instagram. Little things like that really help.

Take a trip to the dentist.

This isn’t to say that you have bad teeth, promise! But in my experience, a great smile can be a massive ego boost, and I really feel that if there’s one thing you should invest in regarding appearance, this is definitely it. (More extremely, I’d advise you to shave your head...but we’ll start with teeth rn)

The best thing to do is go see your dentist and they’ll give you professional advice on improving your grin. It could be that teeth whitening would make you feel incredible – or maybe fixing a chipped tooth? Perhaps you need orthodontics to straighten your teeth? That definitely helped me, at 11 years old with wonky, gap-riddled teeth. And I felt so awesome when the train tracks came off, a year later. It’s basically a scientific fact that a great smile can send your confidence through the roof.

Stay away from negativity.

Last but not least, stay away from the negative forces in your life. Now is time to evaluate your inner circle, and this includes your family and friends. Is there someone who is always bringing you down? Maybe that person is not a good friend after all? Or maybe they just feel down about themselves, and are trying to pull you into the shade with them? Ughh, been there.
Toxic friends are no joke. Get rid. Immediately.

So, there you go; some of the most powerful and simple ways you can boost your confidence. Hopefully one of these will appeal to you.

Sure, we are all made differently, so not all of the suggestions will work on everyone. Got any other tips? Comment or tweet me with what works best for you!



  1. Love this post. I saw your tweets to Pret yesterday, when I was on looking for a link to retweet! You have inspired me to start doing the same. You're an absolute diamond.

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. Thanks so much, Lis. You're angelic - and shouting out about good service is always a positive thing to do!


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