Instagram Honesty (2).

I love social media; it's ingenious and brilliant and constantly surprising. 
It's also terrible, and at times I absolutely despise it. But don't we all, sometimes? I certainly know a lot of people who properly hate social media, some of whom have deliberately deleted any trace of themselves on every platform. 

But then at the same time, I know folks who have made a career out of social media. This includes me. New job titles have come into being in the past few years, at major companies everywhere, thanks to the major influence of social media. Right there, that's a job title I've come to know well recently  'influencer'. It sounded mad when I first heard it, but now I am totally into it. 

And of course, so many of us have found friends, discovered new favourite things and been inspired endlessly. Whether it's coming across individuals and movements we wouldn't have known about had it not been for Twitter; kinks and fan fic we'd never thought to search for were it not for Tumblr; 5* cafes and gadgets for sale courtesy of Facey B, and of course there is always an abundance of beautiful foods and quirky outfits to be seen on Instagram. 

Instagram is a happy place full of photos; its users share snapshots of their lives for all to see. The thing is with Instagram these days,'s full of fibs. I catch them so often, little tricks of the light and selective crops that may suggest the photographer has a better situation or sunnier disposition than they actually do offline. Smoke and mirrors, flips and filters. I'm not judging though because, shock horror...I do it, too. 

I am now going to embed a few of my recent Instagram posts, and give you some background on each of them that won't have seen before. The things I wouldn't have let you see.

I took this photo at the hotel I was in for a fancy, exclusive YA film screening on a Saturday afternoon. Not only did I hate the film, I also found myself overwhelmed with insecurity, but also slight resentment, looking around the VIP bar and seeing the youngest, most glamourous influencers like, ever. They were all in the skinniest jeans and sporting excessive bling, with shimmering hair and faces contoured to infinity. For the first time since the shave, I was physically forcing myself to stick my chin out and take pride in my appearance. 

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I loved this place; the space was perfectly decorated, the coffee was fabulous and the service was wonderful. However, I was sat at the communal table in the centre of the very small and cosy room, as I hadn't been able to squeeze myself into a corner where I wouldn't bother anyone. This meant I worried so much every time a couple or small group walked in; should I move? Do I look greedy?! Eeekk. 

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This post was aimed at my ex.

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This was a brilliant and hilarious day out. But when Mama and I arrived at the BBC we were told we'd be on the waiting list, as we arrived quite late. So for the whole hour or so before we were let into the theatre I was stressing about having possibly dragged poor Mama all the way into the city and down busy Oxford Street, and getting her all excited for the show, to now be let down and have to find something else to do with our day in London. I believe I was looking up the distance on the tube to West Kensington (for museum adventures) when they called our wristband numbers. 

I spent the latter half of this gig with a finger in my left ear, feeling slightly sulky, because a fangirl who shockingly seemed even more keen than me was singing along so loudly and completely tunelessly beside me. I'm all for singing along, of course, I do it quite a bit at gigs. But this chick was almost as loud as Newton himself, I swear. 

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This was taken while I was out having coffee with a friend; yeah, I definitely took my book out of my bag to take this photo while we were talking and eating the vegan cake. I put it away again after snapping a couple dozen idyllic 'bookish coffee' shots.



  1. I said it the last time you did once of these and I'll say it again, I love these posts. It's just nice to get the full context of a specific Instagram and be reminded that there's more to every picture than what we might think. I especially like that you just explicitly stated that that one post was directed towards your ex, lol. I think posts like that can sometimes be troublesome because so many people end up internalizing it as if it were directed towards them when really it's just as simple as a stupid ex. And oh no, the singing girl. I'm definitely a sing along girl at concerts who is horrible at singing. I'll have to make a mental note to make sure I'm not being too loud so as to ruin someone else's experience! (That has to be pretty damn loud, I'd think.) Yuck.

    Asti |

    1. Thanks for reading again, gorgeous. I love that you *get* the importance of honesty on social media, particularly the at times super-filtered Instagram.
      Btw, I'm sure your singing is totally bearable! This girl I had to endure was next-level awful... x


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