How To: Travel AND do good! *

Travelling is one of the best ways to soothe the soul. It lets you take a break from your regular life and see what else is out there. Meeting new people and learning about certain cultures and sights is a real joy...but sometimes it can feel a bit selfish. 

Tourism is usually good for people as it gives economies a boost and offers new experience, but it can be bad for the environment and some travellers may fail to see the bigger picture. So while Jeeps crowd around the same animal in a nature reserve or boats follow whales just wanting to breed in peace, are there any ways that you can make your travel experience good for everyone?

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Challenge for Charity

One of the best ways to turn a personal challenge into a good deed is to get sponsorship, and though a holiday might not sound very sponsor-worthy, lots of people will be impressed if you manage to cycle from London to Paris or scale Ben Nevis! And this is just what 
Global Adventure Challenges offers.

You can go alone or as part of a group, but this is your chance for a bit of personal development while raising money for a charity of your choice. The best thing to do with this kind of holiday is to start small, then build up your challenges as your body gets fitter and more able to conquer new things! 

Research Holidays

Trying to secure funding for research is incredibly difficult these days and if a project needs bright young things to collect the data, the researcher can end up getting really stuck. Luckily, there is a growing culture of people who are willing to spend their holiday time going on research boats around the world, doing the basic stuff like counting fish or collecting samples.

If you're into biology, this sort of trip could definitely be for you. SCUBA holidays are just one example and there are projects all over the world looking for volunteers; from people willing to sleep in tents guarding kakapo eggs, to escorting baby turtles down the beach to the sea.  

Travel Smart

Finally, if you are simply looking for a chance to relax and see something new, just make sure that you are travelling smartly to minimise any potential damage. For example, travelling around the UK will not only be cheaper but will also save fuel and be better for the environment. Let’s face it, if you are looking for a writer’s retreat, you don’t really need to fly halfway around the world, do you?

Another thing to consider is the impact you are having on the local area. Try to spread your spending around lots of smaller businesses rather than gravitating to shops you recognise, as that will genuinely help the local economy. You should also search for tour guides who are accredited and won't crowd wildlife. They might be more expensive, but this sort of tour is always going to be much better for everyone – including the animals!




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