The pin-tastic Old English Co.!

So, you all know I absolutely love cute and quirky accessories, right? Well, over the past few years I've been splashing out on adorable enamel pins for my backpacks, dungarees and jackets. I have a whole collection of bookmarks on my Instagram profile entitled 'perfect pins'! 

(source: Old English Co.)

Every single one I've ever bought has reflected some element of my personality – a cup of coffee, a cat, even little words I particularly like, and my cousins got me a perfect bookish one for Christmas. 

I recently discovered Old English Co., a brilliant company specialising in prints, homeware, stationary...and pins. Their enamel pins are absolutely brilliant; I think when I first browsed that area of the website I bookmarked approximately 20 of them to buy on a future payday...! 

So I thought I'd share some of my favourites with you  and any fellow pin lovers...

(Click the images for the links!)

(source: Old English Co.)

(source: Old English Co.)

(source: Old English Co.)

See anything you like?! Well, here's some great news  Old English Company have a competition on until the 30th of May! 

ENTER HERE and win a free set of enamel pins.

(source: Old English Co.)

(source: Old English Co.)

Hope you readers have found something that suits you – and will look fabulous on your bags or jackets! And best of luck with the competition, to those of you who enter...


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