SOAP @ Underbelly, 8/05/2018; a review.

I went to see 'SOAP' at the Underbelly Festival last night, with my fellow theatre nerd Ella, and it was...completely ridiculous. 

(source: SOAP - The Show FB)

I don't know when exactly I became a circus fangirl...but I'm not complaining. Seeing contortionists and aerial artists twist and turn, and watching funny skits with audience members, is fast becoming one of my favourite forms of theatre. 

Featuring a highly skilled international ensemble, SOAP is a unique combination of world-class acrobatics, comedy and live opera performed in, on and around bathtubs. 

Bubbling over with mind-boggling circus skills, from aerial straps to foot juggling, dance trapeze to hand balancing, alongside rubber ducks, hilarity and a frothy soundtrack.
Jaw dropping, sexy and hilarious, bath time will never be the same again.

The performers in 'SOAP' were confident, charismatic
 and powerful. They were fabulous individually; the operatic singer who brought beauty and depth to the words 'splish splash' over and over again, the cute and clueless blonde who was setting up all her fellow performers while interacting gleefully with the audience, the sexy stripping juggler, the heavy metal tub thrasher, the innocent audience member and the winking, bicep flexing fella.

(source: SOAP - The Show FB)

The performers also worked awfully well together. Highlights include: the opening number in the tubs, the manly towel dance and the finale featuring intrigued yet?

Something you should know before booking tickets for this sexy show? You will get wet. Maybe in more ways than one. It's unavoidable. But fortunately waterproofs are provided for the front row! 

(source: SOAP - The Show FB)

This absolute treat is at the Underbelly until the 17th of June!

Get your tickets now, just £20 at From the Box Office!


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