Bookish News; June/July.

Lovely readers, I have some fabulous book news for you, and recently realised that it all really needed to be thrown together in one big blog post! 

Firstly no, sadly there is no big book deal news in this post (that's still a way off yet, tbh) but I am probably just as excited about these things as I'll be someday when I am taking numerous uncool selfies with my book when it's on shelves in shops. 

I have three big things to tell you about: two book events (one now done, another still to come) and a book contribution...!! 

Panel event at Waterstones TCR, 22.06.2017.
Authors (L-R): Tanya Landman, Bonnie-Sue Hitchcock, Lisa Heathfield.

So, I have said before that one of my many dream jobs is a hosting role at book events. I was going to panels and signings at bookshops for some time before I even entertained the idea that I could do that, one day. I mean, I'd always dreamed of being the author onstage, being interviewed, but it wasn't until the opportunity came about last year to chair a panel of authors in a London Waterstones that I realised it was something I wanted to do...and could do!?

Me, staring lovingly at Lisa H.

Anyway, last night I was thrilled to host the loveliest book launch with Annie Belasco, at Waterstones Windsor. Annie's memoir, published with Trigger, is a no-nonsense down-to-earth story of her unexpected experiences with breast cancer (I will never say 'battle'). You can buy it on Waterstones and Amazon NOW! 

We had a great time chatting – sorry, I mean 'seriously conversing' – in front of the gorgeous crowd on Wednesday night. Annie's excitement was infectious, and her perspective on life and love and everything since her life was turned upside down at only 25 years old, was just brilliant. 

Now for the upcoming event – I am so excited and only slightly freaked out to say I will be hosting a discussion with the beautiful Michelle Elman (@scarrednotscared) and the stunning Chidera Eggerue (@theslumflower, #saggyboobsmatter) at Waterstones TCR on Thursday the 26th of July

Two of my favourite writers and online voices. Two amazing books. My favourite branch of Waterstones. Body positivity. Female empowerment and independence. 

*breathes heavily* 

How mad is this, though!? And even more so, I had been with Michelle – and Sophie Mayanne! – having dinner when this event was announced, and I had immediately bought a ticket. So when this email landed inviting me to host, I properly squealed – and very happily passed my previously paid-for ticket on to Mama. 

This event is set to be maybe one of the best – and definitely the most body positive – of any held before at TCR. Tickets are going fast, so get on it immediately if you want to come. Prices start at £5, but you can pay extra for tickets + books (which is what I’d do, tbh). 

(You can read my review of Michelle's book 'Am I Ugly?' HERE.)

Finally, I am thrilled to tell you all about this book that I contributed to some time ago, which has now officially come out!

'Dear Chronic Illness' is a creative essay collection put together by the excellent Pippa Stacey (; she reached out to each of us some time ago, asking if we’d want to write a letter to our afflictions and have it compiled with others in one big self-published book. Well, obviously I said yes. I am always having conversations with my pesky little tumour in my head, where it happens to live – why not write it a formal note, for others to read too? 

Some more exciting news – within this news – is that the book has been picked up by the little publisher Wallace, and this means it’s not just available as an ebook, but also a physical one that you can order online and may hopefully be in some bookshops, someday…! 

More info can be found HERE. 
+ you can purchase the ebook HERE or the paperback HERE.

Okay, that's it...for now. If you want more immediate updates about my life in the book world, follow me on Twitter or Instagram, and if you want the inside scoop on what I'm currently reading before my latest Recent Reads post is published, follow me on Goodreads!

This 'Bookish News' thing may become a regular feature on here...that is, if I keep having exciting event news and writing updates to share!? Let's hope so! 


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