Make your wedding 'the party of the year'! *

Your wedding should definitely be the party of the year, if not the decade (that depends on how confident you’re feeling)! But if you want your wedding reception to be a party that everyone involved will remember for all the right reasons, and for a very long time, you need to start planning ASAP. 

We’ve got some great ideas for what you should do to make your wedding party more fun, and more memorable. 

Invite all the right people.

Inviting the best people in your life should be the first thing you think about. You obviously need to have all your closest friends and most important relatives around you, so send out those luxury wedding invitations and get the confirmations back ASAP. (And if you think there are certain people who might bring down the atmosphere, maybe leave them off the list…?!)  

Offer cocktails...and fast food!

This is a fun little way to make your wedding evening more enjoyable for everyone. The cocktails are obviously very different to a boring bottle of wine on your table – and will encourage everyone to let their hair down a little! Plus, fast food is a much more informal and exciting idea than traditional wedding food options. You could even hire food trucks that’ll serve food to your guests – how cool would that be!? 

Go the extra mile for your first dance...

The first dance is arguably one of the most important moments of your wedding day, and it’s something your guests will look forward to seeing, too. That’s why it’s worth mixing it up and trying more interesting things. You could be fun and playful with it, or aim to get the party started with something a little more raucous. Just make sure your partner is into it as well. 

Hire a celebrity impersonator!

This is a gimmick that can add a little novelty to your wedding party and give your guests a laugh. You can hire these celebrity impersonators at different rates, and there are options for pretty much every celebrity in the world, so this is definitely something to look into.  

Play some games.

Having some games to play at your wedding party is a must. There are plenty of them out there. You could play some musical games, come up with your own inventive ones, or buy some online. There are so many fantastic options, you won’t find it difficult to find the right things for you and your wedding party guests. 

Weddings are all about having fun and partying. So get out there and find some ways to make your wedding the party of the year, and the one your guests will remember forever. 


  1. NGL my wedding will probably be a load of drunk people because neither of our families can not go too far with their drink (:
    Cora |

  2. This really seems to be a gala wedding of the year. Canopy weddings are in trend now days. Flowers and silk buntings with rustic signs are a perfect ideas for my sister's special day in a couple of months. Looking for one of the famous event space Chicago for dinner. Glittery lights and exclusive table decor ideas are also shortlisted for bookings.


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