Drunk in love.

Being drunk affects us all in different ways, and induces all sorts of behaviour. Some people text their exes. Some play dares or attempt risky stunts. And some order obscene amounts of junk food in the taxi on their way home – then pass out on their sofa before the Deliveroo man turns up. 

I’ll admit, I did all of the above a good few times, while I was at uni – and I will always use the excuse that I was letting off steam while studying hard and finding my way in life, k? cool  but in recent years I’ve found my drunken activities have been much less dramatic and destructive, and more...loving!? 

(Photo: Erin Veness)

No, I’m not alluding to drunk sexy times (had a lot of those at uni too...not so much these days, tbh) or tipsy she-bopping (doesn’t always work for me when wasted, anyway. Anyone else?!). I mean I take care of, love and treat myself when I am almost literally full of spirit.

It’s actually lovely, the impulses that flood my funny old brain when I’m a few fingers down; suddenly I want to book tattoos, fill up my diary with fun friend dates or solo trips, and even browse online sales for things I really don’t need but Drunk Me wants. But it’s not just that; I also find myself doing the things I’ve been quietly considering, but not been brave enough to do, while sober. This means I am rarely surprised when remembering my actions the following morning. Although back in May kinda time this year, I woke to find my browser open and Sky Scanner up, because apparently I was looking at taking myself on holiday for the week that ran over my 4-year brain op anniversary…!? 

(Photo: Erin Veness)

Here are some of the things I’ve done for myself while drunk, in the past year: enquired about a professional boudoir photo shoot, finally asked a crush out, DM’d a tattoo artist about getting a design done, ordered a bag of goodies from JOY (only half of which I kept, because Drunk Me is a little too ambitious with her style choices and not very wise with dolla...working on that), contacted Sophie Mayanne about modelling for her project 'Behind the Scars', and booked flights to Berlin and Barcelona to see my best friends.

I mean, they’re pretty good treats, right? And all these actions were made in the name of Drunk Me’s #1 priority – my happiness. 

(Photo: Erin Veness)

Obviously I’m all about drinking responsibly – and can provide a helpful list of tips that will not only help you have a more enjoyable night out, but also a less painful morning after, right HERE

I have been thinking about cutting down on my drinking in the near future. I’m finding my nights in the pub are too long and that a lot of the time the booze doesn’t even affect me, which means my tolerance may have gone up to dangerous levels, but also I’m kind of wasting my money…? Or I’ll be at an event in London, drinking all the free wine (because, quite simply, it’s free wine!) and not really savouring the taste or even enjoying the effect (which these days is actually more of a sluggish feeling and often a headache on the train home). I think it’s best to start saving for special nights out with friends and family. I did Sober October last year and found it so interesting, because it’s shocking how often I’ll buy a drink just to ‘join in’ with everyone else, for fear of seeming boring or lagging behind as my friends get merry. Anyone else get this feeling? 

(Photo: Erin Veness)

BUT…if I do make good on this little mid-year resolution, I ought to make sure I still do all that self-loving and treating myself – while sober. I should really strive to keep that confidence, bravery and happiness within me without having to rely on a couple of cocktails to bring it out. Hmm. Big ask. I'll try my best. In the meantime, someone pass me the gin? 

What are you like, when you’ve had a few bevs? Do you get these urges? Comment below or tweet me with some stories! 


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