A Greenwich geek visits its book festival!

This book geek and Greenwich lover was invited to the wonderful Greenwich Book Festival a couple of weekends ago (and has only now got around to blogging about it - oops!), and had a fabulous time in this beautiful old corner of London with bookish friends. 

I was so excited to spot Philip Ardagh on my way from Greenwich station into the town; I immediately recognised him from my days interning at Walker Books last year, and guided him to Waterstones for a refreshing drink as it really wasn't 'full suit weather'. 

Then once I reached the university/museum grounds, having fuelled up on Cafe W coffee, I took a moment to absorb the brilliant energy in that historic space; drink in the fancy architecture and remember my previous visits on MA open days and birthday party trips, before putting my head down and figuring out just where I was meant to be. 

This fancy room definitely makes me feel we’re at a fabulous YA wedding. @GreBookFest ðŸ“– pic.twitter.com/gIa9XVnnWd
— Grace Latter (@_gracelatter) June 16, 2018

When planning my Greenwich Fest adventure, the only thing I knew going in was that I had to go to what would surely be one of the coolest YA talks of 2018: Katherine Woodfine talking with Angie Thomas, and Patrick Ness! 

The talk was wonderful. Angie explained how she came to be a writer and excitedly discussed the upcoming film adaptation of her book, throwing in Harry Potter references throughout the conversation with the other authors; Patrick frankly and effectively told us all how he feels about YA, which is that it's an important form of fiction, and answered audience questions about 'A Monster Calls'. Katherine chaired perfectly; just the right amount of audience/author interaction with an added touch of fangirl excitement. 

Sanne @booksandquills' YouTube video. 
Catch me geeking out approximately 2 and a half minutes in.

I absolutely adore Sanne and have watched her bookish vids for some time now, so obviously I was super excited to appear briefly, and gush just a wee bit, in her Greenwich weekend vlog. Watch this lovely video and fall madly in love with Greenwich, as I did some time ago. 

I spent the rest of the day roaming around the Greenwich uni campus, and the markets, with Grace Hebditch. We popped into Waterstones of course, because the festival got us so excited to read that despite having actual piles of To Be Reads at home, we had to grab some new ones immediately. 

Thanks for having me, you babes at Greenwich. Same time next year? Cool. 


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