Things friends have taught me.

In my life, so far, I’ve stumbled into some colleague altercations, fought my way out of unhealthy relationships, and entered unknowingly into toxic friendships. But more importantly, I have found some truly wonderful and wise friends. 

I have wanted to write this post for ages; it’s intended to celebrate just a few of the aforementioned excellent friends, and maybe even impart some wisdom from them via me to you, lovely readers... 

(Photo: Erin Veness)

'Nothing good ever happens after 2am 
(unless it's you getting chips from the kebab place).'
- Dez, uni friend and fabulous Londoner.
(Pretty obvious, really, but I needed to hear this while we were at uni and getting drunk on a unique mix of vodka, wine and cider every night.)

'It's okay to be a bit mental.'
- Erin, local friend and freaky photographer. 
(If anyone knows, Erin knows. I love that gal.)

'If you go through his wallet and he doesn't have a Waterstones stamp card, don't shag him.'
- Leena, book world friend and vlogging queen.
(This is a recent bookmarked tweet, and one of many brilliant pieces of advice Leena has given out to her friends and followers.)

'Go big or go home.'
- Kate, uni friend and born teacher.
(I doubt she even remembers telling me this, but it was over drinks one night in third year, and we were obviously discussing our sex toy purchases.)

'Put positive energy out into the universe, and you'll get it back.'
- Penny, blogger friend and old soul.
(I’m still trying, but it’s v v hard when my mind is often just a murky pit of blackness...)

'Make up your own opinions about people.'
- Luke, uni friend and screen actor.
(This guy would always reserve judgement of everyone he was bitched to about, and I won’t lie, it drove me a bit mad. Back then, I wanted all my friends to be on side and hate who I hated, y’know? But as the years have passed, and my mind has expanded, I’ve realised that unless someone actually properly harms a friend or partner, I needn’t dislike them unless I find a reason to myself. Like, if someone says ‘I hate her, I swear she looked at me funny once on a night out’... yeah, I’ll form my own opinion thx.) 

(Photo: Erin Veness)

'If you feel guilty telling a person some of your good news, they're not a good friend.'
- Chidera Eggerue (The Slumflower), author and influencer extraordinaire. 
(okay fine, she's not an actual 'friend', but I'm working on it, k? Full review of her gorgeous book to come after my event with her… *squeals*)

'Don't force it. Whatever happens, happens.'
- Pugwash, college friend and absolute fool.
(It's funny that he was the one who said this to me. For years, I thought he was my Dexter.) (...from ‘One Day’, not the serial killer drama) 

'Believe in yourself, and know people have your back.'
- Lex, uni friend and digital marketer boss gal.
(I know I’ve got this gal in my many hours of need; she recently said I’d have to try ‘really f*cking hard’ to lose her. Do you have friends like that? They’re the best.) 

(Photo: Erin Veness)

'Pee after sex.' 
- almost every single female friend of mine...and Caitlin Moran.

What have your friends taught you? Comment or tweet me with any quotes and pearls of wisdom you feel should be shared!


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