'Club Swizzle', opening night ; a review.

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone in between...
Welcome to my review of CLUB SWIZZLE!!

The creators of LA SOIRÉE return to London with their brand new show!
Loose, glorious and irresistibly fun, Club Swizzle is a night of sassy entertainment at the wildest bar in town. 

It’s a melee of outrageous cabaret, air-defying acrobatics and infectious musical revelry, backed by a LIVE BAND with a repertoire as big as its bar tab. 
Take your seats for the hottest show of the summer (while staying cool in our deliciously air-conditioned Brick Big Top)! 

Come down early and join us at the bar where the cheeky Club Swizzle troupe is on hand to mingle and serve up cocktails with a wink and a smile. 
(Source: roundhouse.org.uk

This show is a classy cabaret with a contemporary remix. It’s an immersive experience too, not just a show; be sure to get to the Roundhouse early to get drinks in and chatter with the stars as they circulate pre-performance, then sit back and be amazed as they pack away the central bar quick as a flash and it suddenly becomes a stage! (the bartenders shrink down into it before pulling a giant lid over their heads – not gonna lie, I was curious if they then stayed there throughout the first half of the show, giggling mischievously)

I have to begin this very professional review with a simple: OMG, REUBEN KAYE THO!?! - okay, now that’s out of my system. It’s safe to say Reuben Kaye (@theoriginalrubykaye) is a superstar MC and a comic genius. Glamour literally dripped from RK last night – it flew into the audience with the sweat. One of his opening lines really made me (and the rest of the audience) shriek with joy – “this is what happens” he said, indicating his flawless inch-thick face and sparkling garb, “when your parents say you can be whatever you want to be!” 

Another favourite line was after the interval (during which we sipped Bellini cocktails made by the handsome, pop-up barmen), when RK referred to his outfit change (high-waisted trousers, nipple tassels and a sequinned bomber jacket): ‘I call this outfit: “mum, I’ve got something to tell you”!’

Right, so, we were well and truly psyched and set up for the night of madness after meeting Reuben. His delightfully rude bantering with the audience and excitable playing with the band (all of whom were magnificent) then led to the introduction of the Swizzle Boys – who at first I dubbed ‘The British Pit Crew’ but then was perfectly surprised by their insane acrobatic abilities. They were leaping, turning, twisting and throwing – themselves and the furniture – for our viewing pleasure. It was a tough call, but I think I fancied Silver the most – Big Red a dangerously close second (“I like the one with the beard,” I muttered to my date. “What a surprise!” she replied.) 

Then we were introduced to the gorgeous, cleverly messy babe that is Laurie Hagen. We first met her as a drunk stripper, dressed in screaming pink, who somehow through her fumbling and falling managed to strip most effectively! She later came on to strip in rewind motion (!!) and that totally worked, too. 

Laurie was followed by Yamnel, a breathtaking aerial artist who left the audience nearly speechless with her act spinning and twisting within a suspended hoop. We were so mesmerised by her that sometimes we genuinely forgot to clap!? Then when we remembered, we cheered the roof off for her. I heard a few ‘YAASSS QUEEN’s as she took her bow. 

Dandy Wellington was a whole show in himself. He exploded onto the stage oozing energy and charisma; shaking his butt and nailing every note for us as we happily bounced along in our seats. 

This utterly wicked show is a feast for the eyes and a hilarious treat for absolutely everyone; I’d recommend it for big parties, pre-drinks or even a daring date (it’s the perfect test to see if your beau is as fabulously broad-minded as you!). 

It’s on at London’s Roundhouse until the 26th of August. I was lucky to get in on opening night with TCSPR, but will most definitely be going again before the run is up – and bringing Mama along! 

Get tickets directly from the venue, or with From the Box Office! 


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