Recent Reads: the 27th and 28th of 2018.

Oh hey there, welcome to my latest Recent Reads post! This one features Sarah Knight, Chloe Seager, and Emma Nash; friendship fails and not giving any f*cks. Read on to get yourself a new fictional friend and a no-f*cks given attitude to life! 

The easy-to-use, two-step NotSorry Method for mental decluttering will help you unleash the power of not giving a f*ck about: 

Family drama
Having a "bikini body"
Co-workers' opinions, pets, and children
And other bullsh*t! And it will free you to spend your time, energy, and money on the things that really matter. So what are you waiting for? Stop giving a f*ck and start living your best life today!
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I was eyeing this one up when it sat on the bestseller shelves, way back when I worked in a bookshop, and I finally dived into it on the way home from a recent sunny holiday – when I was bracing myself for a hard landing home, and felt I was most in need of a positive f*cking change.

The hype is real. This book is truly splendid, and borderline revolutionary. What’s funny is, I had been warned by friends that the amount of F-bombs on each page was a little jarring to begin with, and you had to get past that to enjoy the read – and y’all know I love swearing, insane amounts, but that turned out to be true! Fortunately after about a third of the book, the F-words became just white noise in my brain and I could properly absorb the important, brilliant messages Sarah was laying out perfectly for her readers. Now brb, making a F*ck Budget... 

This hardback is FILTHY because I was lugging it around and consulting it on the go for some time!

Brb, changing my life and the distribution of f*cks I give out...

Friendship Fails of Emma Nash, by Chloe Seager. 

Now she’s in the sixth form, Emma’s expecting life to be a breeze but when her best friend Steph suddenly has a boyfriend who she’s spending all her time with, Emma’s not sure what to do with herself.

So Emma’s got a mission in mind: making new friends. Signing up for the school fashion show seems like the perfect opportunity. Although soon, through a series of mishaps that are absolutely not Emma’s fault (well, sort of), her world is teetering on the edge of disaster again.
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Yes, I’ve already blogged about this YA but that was for the blog tour, okay? Now it’s time to get my review on! 

Chloe Seager’s writing style and character creations are brilliant and believable. The stories she tells of Emma Nash and her pals are all hilarious and at times cringe-inducing, and while I wouldn’t necessarily immediately elect to be friends with the crazy Emma (if it were up to me, that is – it sounds like she’d stalk me and post cat pics on my timeline then declare us besties before I’d even caught on), I can definitely relate to her and I have high hopes for her fashion career and future friendship endeavours. 

This book was the perfect follow up to Editing Emma, one of my 2017 reads! 

Friendship Fails of Emma NashFriendship Fails of Emma Nash by Chloe Seager

Emma Nash is possibly one of the most relatable characters I've come across in YA. Her life is really just a series of comic catastrophes, tragic romantic escapades and...friendship fails.

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