'Songs About a Boy', by Chris Russell ; a preview and exclusive video!

Hey, book and music fans! This is the latest in a series of special features I’ve done on here starring the remarkably cool Chris Russell and his ‘Songs About a Girl’ series! Yep, every year he’s had an absolute stonker of a YA come out and every year I have done something to celebrate it. What am I to do after this post, though – as 'Songs About a Boy' is *gasp* LAST BOOK IN THE TRILOGY!??

I am, of course, devastated this gorgeous #boybandlit series is ending, but all the more excited to shout about this final instalment. Read on for a plot teaser, and exclusive author content… 

We left off with our girl Charlie very much falling for Gabriel, the ‘bad boy’ of the band Fire&Lights, but then the explosive revelation about her mother's death is now threatening to pull them apart!

Meanwhile, the media is swarming, surrounding Olly and the band; what made him walk out? What will happen to the band now!? As Olly begins his solo career, Fire&Lights announce a US tour and a new band member. Knowing that her mother's last days were in America touring with her band, Charlie is desperate to go with the boys on their tour so that she can get to the bottom of it all, and maybe find the closure she needs.

When the band and Olly’s single releases clash, the race for #1 kicks off – and as Charlie begins to uncover the truth, will she finally be able to follow her heart? 

It's time to face the music...
(synopsis partly via goodreads

Well, surprise surprise, I am loving this book. I received it the other day from the publisher (which in no way affects my opinion that it’s AWESOME) and am tearing through it with full force. Actually, that thing is happening when you love a book so much you wanna race through it – but also (especially as it’s the last in the series) you want to slow down and savour every word!? 

Author Chris has recently been treating us to YouTube vids in the run up to publication; his AMA vlogs are particularly fabulous, the top tips for becoming an author are ones I’ve definitely stowed away for the future, and of course the amazing videos in which he shares some of the music from his novels (that he wrote and performs, btw) are pretty damn special. 

But I think all of those were merely teasers for this brilliant vid that I get to reveal to you now… the wait is over, folks. 
Here we have Chris Russell reading his teenage diaries!! 

I know, I know – such a scandalous one, right!? Fits perfectly with this blog, tbh. I now desperately want to uncover my teen diaries and have a re-read… may be an idea for a future blog post? Or maybe the world isn’t ready for teen Grace just yet. She was light years (ooh, accidental band ref) ahead of her time. 

Keep an eye out for other posts featuring ‘Songs About a Boy’ before it's out on the 9th of August; maybe follow @chrisrusselluk and @teambkmrk so you’ll be properly in the loop! 

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