Recent Reads: the 33rd and 34th of 2018.

I recently read two very cute lil books, both of which helped me get my head around this crazy ride of life and get into a positive mindset. They were written by my queen, Lorelai Gilmore… and a unicorn. 

Escape the real world and enter into the magical realm of unicorns with this little book of positivity. Illustrated with adorable, adorkable unicorns, each spread comes with a funny or inspiring quote reminding you to follow your dreams, and always think unicorn.

Perfect for giving an inspiring boost to your day, or as a cheering up gift for a friend who needs a little more unicorn in their life, this cute and covetable little book is bound to spread smiles wherever it goes.

I was waiting patiently for the handsome bookseller at Waterstones Piccadilly to find me a couple of things in their basement (forever the awkward customer, no apologies) and obviously I started picking up and flipping through the little books the store had cleverly positioned on the counter – for unsuspecting customers to find and purchase on impulse when they really shouldn’t as they’ve already spent over £35 on books… oops. This is how I found both of these books, actually, but I decided to buy this particular one because I knew Mama Latter would love it. She’s a fan of unicorns (and I am most definitely not), as well as bright colours and positivity in life (again, I am not). 

This book was gorgeous, sweet and strangely powerful. I giggled and grinned as I read it on my train home from London. Weirdly, although I definitely bought this wee read for Mama, I feel I was meant to find it and get this little dose of happiness. 

Be a Unicorn: and Live Life on the Bright Side
by Sarah Ford

One of the best books I’ve read so far this year.

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In this expansion of the 2017 commencement speech she gave at her hometown Langley High, Lauren Graham reflects on growing up, pursuing your dreams, and living in the here and now.
In her hilarious, relatable voice, Graham reminds us to be curious and compassionate, no matter where life takes us or what we’ve yet to achieve. Grounded and inspiring—and illustrated throughout with drawings by Graham herself—here is a comforting road map to a happy life.

I’ve had ups and downs. I’ve had successes and senior slumps. I’ve been the girl who has the lead, and the one who wished she had the bigger part. The truth? They don’t feel that different from each other.”

It’s no secret how much I love Lauren G, aka Lorelai G. I loved her books ‘Someday, Someday, Maybe’ and ‘Talking as Fast as I Can’, and the blurb of this lil hardback had me hooked before I knew it.

It was another one I read in one sitting, just before bed; I liked it, but as I said in my Goodreads review, I’d have loved if it had been longer and not just a write up of her recent graduation guest speech. 

In Conclusion, Don't Worry About It
In Conclusion, Don't Worry About It
by Lauren Graham

Very easy read, if anything I’d say it was too short.
I’d have read a 200-page self-help book by the lovely Lauren.
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