Treat your shelf! Perfect gifts and goodies for bookworms.

I realise a lot of my posts have been about books lately… oops. Sometimes I just can’t stop, okay? My bookwormishness (it’s totally a word) runs deep and often I can’t keep it under control. Fortunately for me, I know a lot of you readers and followers are also book lovers, so you’ll not only humour me when I post reviews, recs and rambles, you’ll also geek out with me and spur me on! 

I thought that in this post, I’d share some bookish bits and bobs I’ve come across online and IRL recently that I really feel need to be shouted about – and maybe even bought – by my book-loving brethren. Get your wallets out, gang... 

First of all, we have a long time love of mine, Frostbeard Studio

I think I first saw their literary-themed soy scented candles on my gal Leticia’s business Instagram account (@leticiabakes, a treat in itself) and before I knew it they were popping up on every bookstagrammer’s profile. I am in absolute awe of their unique scents and inventive names – it’s tough, but I’d say my favourites are Divination Classroom, Rainy Day Reads, and Reading at the Cafe. Also, I can't deny I yearn for their most excellent mug... 

(click each item to be taken to its page!)

Then we have the wonderful Literary Book Gifts, a lovely online shop stocked up with handmade bookish tote bags and clothes. The designs are so cleverly original and delightfully retro; my personal faves would be the Edgar Allen Poe hoody (who knew I desperately needed that!?), the Moby Dick T-shirt, and the Peter Pan and typewriter totes. 

(click each item to be taken to its page!)

There’s a little extra treat with this one – you can use the code ALMOSTAMAZINGGRACE20 on any purchase from Literary Book Gifts, and get 20% off! 

Nook and Burrow might be (def are) my favourite bookish treats site in Australia. They have a Book Club Box you can sign up for, some beautiful bookmarks and stationery, even SOCKS! And you can buy bundles, if you’re spoiled for gift choices. 

I definitely rate their bags, too – and obviously have their books & coffee & cats & feminism tote. It’s so on brand for me, y’know. 

(click each item to be taken to its page!)

And finally, we have Pin Badge Club! I was lucky enough to be #gifted their latest bookish pin, but I promise you that doesn’t affect my feelings that Ben Cameron’s project is EXCELLENT. See my lovely boxed goodies below... 

That's your lot for now, book fans. Is there anything I should include in my next post like this? Comment or tweet me with any suggestions (I should probably prepare my bank account for a raid...). 


  1. Aww that pin is adorable!
    Cora |

    1. Isn't it!? I am in love with the Pin Badge Club! x


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