'True Sisters', by Keren David; a review and giveaway!

I recently read ‘True Sisters’, Keren David’s lovely novella published by the babes at Barrington Stoke. It was a little gritty, immensely powerful, super sweet and enormously important.  

This book tells the story of Ruby and Clara, two teenage girls who could not be more different, thrown together in very difficult circumstances. Ruby has divorced parents, a half-brother with turquoise hair, a best friend she may or may not have a crush on, and a mum who regularly takes in foster children. Clara comes from a damaged – and damaging – home; she was rescued by social workers and then moved in with Ruby and her mum while her mother is treated in a hospital and her older sister is apparently nowhere to be found…

'True Sisters' was written mostly from Ruby’s point of view, with a few short chapters by Clara. Ruby’s narration is perfectly believable as a sweet teenage girl struggling with school and friendships and her parents, while Clara is a very different voice, expressing confusion and concern about the simplest things that she isn’t used to in life, like a TV and different foods – and then wonderment at the things she learns in Maths and Science lessons, having never been to school before.  

Y’all know I love Barrington Stoke. Their careful consideration for those who struggle a little more than others to read is so admirable and wonderful, and every book they publish (especially the YA novels) is an absolute treat for me. When I get emails with their latest releases, I almost always audibly squeal. Keren is just the latest in an amazing list of authors who have written something for this excellent easy-reads publisher. 

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