My name's Grace. 

I don't ship Rory or Lorelai with any of their respective boyfriends any more, I am really feeling the moon lately, I think ‘The Good Place’ is a unique and genius creation, I’m almost finished catching up on the ‘Gilmore Guys’ podcast and idk what I’ll do when it’s over, living in a flat all alone is my dream, a typical shopping spree for me is going nuts all up in the Ohh Deer sale, waiting on invoices sucks so hard, developing inappropriate crushes is my super power, it’s finally whisky weather again and I am here for it, I only give a tiny percentage of a sh*t about Halloween but I am really excited for a ‘proper’ Christmas this year. 

Only one of my eyebrows currently works, but people assure me they don't notice. I have had 5 major surgeries in 4 years, and I'm just about done.  


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