Briefs: Close Encounters - a review.

I was lucky enough to see Briefs: Close Encounters live in London’s Leicester Square Spiegeltent last Sunday 11th of November. 

Basically, I read the words ‘drag’ and ‘burlesque’ and I was 100% in.

Also, the fact that it’s a Christmas in Leicester Square/Underbelly event intrigued me. I've seen a great selection of Underbelly shows this year, but never anything in this venue. It freaked me out a bit, as the inside of the tent theatre was pretty much identical to the one I saw SOAP and Circa's Peepshow in! 

Anyway, here's all you need to know about this fabulous show... 

'Having glitter-bombed the globe as we know it with their iconic and hilarious brand of circus, drag, burlesque and comedy, the Briefs boys are now ready to explore the third dimension. With their trademark skill and humour they test the limits of masculinity, taste and decency. Expect interstellar aerials, incredible artistry, and warped speed strippers from outer space. Prepare yourselves for a close encounter with the Briefs boys.'

Close Encounters is the third in a series of shows by this brilliant Australian boylesque company. Its UK debut took place at the Underbelly last summer, before going back out to Auckland, then Edinburgh this summer - and now it's come back to the big smoke. Time Out has called it 'spectacular', while Gay Times dubbed it 'raunchy. Ridiculous. Raucous. Remarkable'. And, yep. Pretty much. 

It was buzzing from the moment we sat down. Suspiciously handsome waiters in pastel suits (missing shirts, obvs) were swanning about serving, but when the tent hushed for a recorded demand that we switch off our phones lest we be punished severely and cheekily, they assembled around the stage with the most wicked smiles on their (beautiful) faces. Then the ringmaster appeared in high waisted pants, a shimmering weave and lashes for days. And we were off. 

After the wonderful introduction (full of sass, with haughty 'mmm, don't touch me's that got us giggling) we understood that these magical creatures had come from a future world, and were visiting our present to let us know that it'll all be okay in the end, provided we behave ourselves. 

I can't really put into words what they attempted and achieved in that tent, that night. There were a lot of feathers, sparkles, trapezes, ropes and... bunny ears!? I'd even say drinking while watching is not totally necessary; you could get drunk on the hysteria and hilarity. 

My favourite part, as an audience member? Seeing a lovely elderly couple sat closer to the front than we were, squealing and whooping with the rest of us as one of the queens spun in a tangle of ropes, suspended above the stage. 

This sexy show will be on until 3rd of January, 2019.
Get your tickets now, at From the Box Office! 
Prices start at just £15!

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