Clear out your head… physically and digitally!

I had a Stress recently. A Stress here meaning: I burst into tears trying to fit a short phone call appointment into a day that already had, like, three things happening in it. This may seem a bit dramatic, but actually things had been building up for some time. Fortunately I receive counselling every week, and can unload a substantial amount of Head Mess in that hour, but I still need some pressure taken off here and there. 

So here are some simple, quick tips on how to do that, if you’re like me, and do a Stress now and again… 

(Photo: Erin Veness)

Tidy up your desk/bookcase/shelves/drawers. 

Starting simple. Needs no explanation. 

Unsubscribe from all those emails you signed up for to get Wi-Fi in a cafe, or discount on a shop’s website.

I have 2 email addresses; one for cool professional stuff, another purely for entering into forms online (plus PayPal). Every morning I check the latter, and have to delete approximately 47689 emails from shops I haven’t bought from in 2 years, venues I haven’t been to in 3 years, and airlines I haven’t booked with in 5 years (sorry, Norwegian). 

Leave any group chats that serve you no purpose.

I don’t mean cut off friends, that’s way harsh (but if you feel it’s necessary, go for it. I am not responsible for that though, k?), but I recently left several that were formed specifically for blog projects, baby showers, and big birthday gifts. Archived a few chats with humans I no longer speak to, too. Enormous weight off my shoulders, and made my messaging apps look so damn tidy!?

Go for a walk.

Yes, I include these 4 words – or is it 3 words and a letter? Ahh, f*ck it, let’s say ‘phrase’, yeah? Yeah, glad we got there – in pretty much every blog post I write about mental health, writing and travelling, but it’s so goddamn GOOD FOR YOU!! Fresh air, exercise, time away from screens, yes, it is magical and healing and wonderful. Also, those of us who get hit hard by PMS, a good walk literally gets our blood flowing and speeds up the fabulous period process. 

Put your phone away before bedtime. 

I have been trying (and only sometimes failing) to put my phone away/on charge for up to an hour before I go to sleep. It does take a surprising amount of vigilance; I often find myself reaching for my phone on my bedside bookcase while I'm reading with the cat. But it's worth abstaining for the quality of sleep it brings! (god, I sound old...) 

Another idea that kind of links to this, is to make screen time targets for yourself every week. If like me you have a supposedly 'handy' (but actually, seriously terrifying) Screen Time app that alerts you at the end of each week with stats, try to cut down so that every time the notification pops up it says something like 'down 40%'. It's the silliest thing, but it's so satisfying beating your record and at the same time detoxing your life just a lil bit. 


  1. Oooh Grace - this is so good. Especially the putting the phone away before bedtime thing. I always check instagram and twitter before bed. Perhaps its time to stop?!

    I've begun to keep my things neat and tidy. I have way too much stuff - so I need to go around and take out things I don't need!

    thanks for these lovely tips!


    1. Thanks so much for reading, Lena. I'm so hooked on the pre-bedtime social media routine, I didn't think I could stop, but I'm getting there! Next will be checking my apps first thing in the morning... wish me luck!



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