Hi, I’m Grace.

(Photo: Rebecca Brooker; knot wrap from LUSH, dress gifted from JOY)

I love to collect pin badges but rarely wear them, I’m finding Fathers Day shopping really fun this year, I have so many TV binges on the go right now I just can’t, my hair is currently tinged with ginger, super salty crisps are my weakness, I am really missing weekly counselling, I’m ridiculously passionate about recycling, my days in Stargazy are the happiest days, Greg James recently told me to start a podcast and because of that I feel I am obligated to, I’ll never wear gold jewellery or a black top, I could talk about the truly evil dairy industry and how human consumption of animal products is horrendously awful all day, and I’m happier in my pants than I am fully clothed, but I look fabulous either way. 

I started these little posts when I was at uni, in a time when I was truly learning about myself. I still am. It’s funny how big a response this series has received; maybe because others are particularly curious (/nosy) about me as a person, or maybe because we’re all constantly getting to know ourselves, and it’s strangely captivating learning more about those around us, seeing if we can relate somehow.


  1. I love this series. You absolutely should start a podcast!

    1. Thank you so much, angel. I'll think about it, hehehe..... x


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