How, What, Where and When? with Lex Croucher, on 'You're Crushing It!'

I am delighted and only a bit baffled to have the lovely, pink-haired, dungers-wearing sass queen Lex Croucher on the blog for the latest instalment in this series! This brilliant YouTuber, ethical buyer and vegan queen has written a book, called You’re Crushing It

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Well, shit. My book comes out a week tomorrow. I’ve felt so many feelings about this book and this process over the past couple of years that my brain shuts down a bit when I try to confront the fact that I AM NEARLY A PUBLISHED AUTHOR. My sister and I used to take new notebooks on every holiday we went on as kids so we could write stories; I used to write and illustrate my own very blatant Jacqueline Wilson rip-offs in felt tip pen, and then run out of pages to finish them. This has been a dream of mine for as long as I’ve known I could do it, and I’m hoping that at some point I’ll realise I’m living it, because right now I’m just in a state of shock. ANYWAY, LAST CHANCE TO PRE-ORDER MY BOOK PLEASE?? The link is in my bio. Pre-orders help so much and I want my publisher to like me. Thank you. Bye!!!!
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Hey, Lex! Thank you so much for taking the time to A my Qs. I’m so excited about ‘You’re Crushing It!’ – I think it’s the book we all need, right now.

Okay, so you definitely did a Beyonce here and dropped this book on us subscribers out of the clear blue – well played! My first question is: How were you able to keep it under wraps for so long? 

It was very difficult during the writing process as I wanted to talk about it constantly but ultimately I didn't want to jinx myself! It was also then really nice when I did announce it as everyone was genuinely really surprised and pleased for me, so it was a bit of delayed gratification there but I got to bathe in the glow once it was all done and dusted!

Now for the what, as in what gave you the idea for this book? 

I've been making YouTube videos for so long and one thing I've learned which has really stuck with me is that people seem happier to talk about serious things and trickier subjects when you throw a bit of humour in. I'm also quite sick of seeing inspirational and aspirational content that feels nothing to do with the average person, so it was also a reaction against that. I've always enjoyed making advice videos and writing comedy, so this is the perfect mix of the two. 

When did you come up with the brilliant concept for the book? And, not being funny but, when did you have the time to write it!? 

I worked with Bloomsbury on the concept - they knew they wanted to make something motivational for teenagers, and I knew I wanted it to be funny and give positive advice a more realistic spin, and that came together into this book!
I wrote it before work, after work, on my lunch break, at weekends, on trains; I did nearly break my brain during the process but I'm still alive and now I have a book out, so it was all worth it in the end. 

And finally, where are you hoping this book will take you? Are there any podcasts or BookTube channels you’d like to feature on? Would you ever do school visits? 

Honestly I'll take anyone who'll have me! I've always had one foot in the booktube community and have a lot of friends in it so maybe I'll slip them a tenner and some bribery brownies to feature me on their channels (just kidding) (probably).

Lex, thank you so much for taking the time to answer these. Happy book birthday! 

Do you need this book in your life? Well, duh. 
You can order it from A Great Read, the Book Depository, or Big Green Bookshop!
(also the bigger guys, but I won’t be promoting them on these posts; they hardly need it! Support the lovely littler fellows, please.)


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