Hi, I’m Grace.

(Photo: Rebecca Brooker)

I have a new found love for antique/second hand furniture and home wares, ‘Toy Story 4’ made me cackle and cry, days on the beach make me so happy and chill; throwing a frisbee, walking and swimming are the only means of exercise I really enjoy, I’m getting better at the whole eBay thing, my last tattoo for a while is in a few days, a G&T with strawberries in is quite magical, I now use biodegradable vegan condoms, I want to properly learn tarot, I recently posted my first ever AD on social media, I’m planning a big trip next year, I turn 26 today, and I am just about ready to tackle my mid-to-late twenties.

I love that people still read these, and want to know more about me. 


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