A quick Where and How? with Cat Clarke, author of 'Letting Go'!

I am delighted to be posting this cheeky little interview with the wonderful author Cat Clarke, about her latest publication. Let's not waste any time –  dive in!

Hey, lovely Cat! As you know, I am a certified Clarke super fan, so imagine my excitement finding out you made a novella with a publisher I truly love, Barrington Stoke!? I am jazzed af. Anyway, here are your quick fire questions about 'Letting Go'

Where did these characters come from? And what brought them to life, inside your mind?

I find it so hard to just conjure characters inside my head – which may sound like a daft thing for a writer to say! Personally, I have to start writing, and as I write I start to figure out who these people are – and what their hopes, dreams and fears may be. At first, with the main character Agnes, I was just imagining how *I* would feel if I'd made this promise at a funeral – to climb a flipping mountain – and then actually had to go through with it. I'd be super grumpy, even if it was a promise I'd made to my favourite person in the world. I had real fun throwing Steve into the mix – he was a delight to write. He's named after Steve in Stranger Things, by the way. I'm a little bit obsessed with Steve Harrington.

BONUS Q: the cover is DREAMY. Tell us a little about it!

Well, what can I say? The Barrington Stoke team knocked it out of the park yet again! I always love their covers. As an author, it's not that unusual for publishers to try covers that you don't quite love, or that take a bit of getting used to, but this one was spot-on right away. There's nothing I would change about it.

How did writing a novella compare to writing novels for your usual publisher? And how was it working with the babes at Stoke?

It was a total delight! This is my second book with Barrington Stoke – the first one, 'Falling', was a few years ago now. Both times the process has been wonderful from start to finish. The big difference to working with my usual publisher is that the manuscript gets checked for readability and clarity, as Barrington Stoke books are primarily aimed at reluctant and dyslexic readers. I've also heard that they're a great resource for teenagers learning English. Content-wise, they're exactly the same as my other Young Adult novels – just shorter. Short and sweet, hopefully.

Thanks so much for having me on your gorgeous blog, Grace!


Thank you for chatting with me about this fabulous book, Cat.
Readers, you can grab ‘Letting Go’ from your favourite bookshop NOW! (Remember to shop local, and shop small wherever you can.)


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