What I've Watched: sass, nerds and the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

Couple of facts: it’s been a while since I posted about what I’ve been watching… and I’ve watched a lot of stuff recently. Ooofftt. This may take a few goes. Bear with, etc. 


I don’t have to really summarise the plot of one of Disney’s most popular films, now, do I? Good.

Yep, I did it. I saw a live action remake of a Disney classic. Not just that, one of my favourite Disney classics. No, I’m not a huge Disney fan, but I know what I like – and I LOVE Aladdin. So obviously I went in with walls up, and expectations low.

It turned out to be pretty good. Will Smith was NOT Robin Williams, he was his own genie, his own character. That was my biggest anxiety about the film. That, and Jasmine’s sass. Well, she was plenty sassy, but I wasn’t keen on the lengths Disney went to basically shoving it in our face that this Jasmine was an independent woman who longs to be truly empowered and literally given the keys to the kingdom. The new song they gave her? Really OTT. 

My rating: I miss Robin Williams more than ever.

A threadbare magic-carpet ride to nowhere special, with Will Smith as a blue genie.’ – The New York Times.


The hype is real. Olivia Wilde's first go at directing was a triumph; the two lead gals rocked it, Phoebe’s Lisa Kudrow’s character was adorable, the actual plot and message of the whole thing was excellent, and each character was hilarious in their own way. My favourite was Gigi, the stoner princess who may have also been a genuine genius. Also I am such a Lizzo lover, hearing ‘Boys’ play over a party scene was very exciting for me.

My rating: stupidly (and cleverly) funny. 

'Booksmart review – fast, funny and feminist', The Guardian.

How long have I had Netflix? A good few years. How long have people been telling me to watch 'GLOW'? A good few years. How long have I been staring at it in my List, and wondering when would be a good time to start it? pfffttt. 

Honestly, I'm quite mad at myself for waiting so long. It's quite brilliant. All kinds of women - 'serious' actor types, wrestling fans, proud sluts... wolf indentifiers... this show's got 'em all. They all have their own stories, developments, quirks and complications to muddle through. My favourite? It's a tie between Sheila and Carmen. Okay fine, with a little Rhonda thrown in too, because I am half British after all. I also weirdly became affectionate towards pain-in-the-a** Ruth by the end. And I loved Debbie's arc, but then she also irked me a bit throughout. I also have a weird crush on Sam, but then, don't we all...? 

'GLOW Season 4: Netflix Renewed for Final Season & What To Expect’, What’s On Netflix.

Anyway, moving swiftly on. I well and truly noshed down on 'GLOW' for a couple of weeks, and was soon at the end of series 3 in a tearful daze, screeching at the screen because I hadn't done my research and known when exactly I would be 100% caught up...!? Arghh. Bring on series 4. 

3 series, 10 episodes which vary in length but are generally 30-40 mins. 
My rating: gorgeous ladies indeed, beautiful and hilarious stories too.

So, that's what I've been watching lately. More to come soon. Are you liking these posts? Wanna gimme some feedback? Goodness me, I love feedback. I thirst for it. Tweet me or comment with anything you got. 


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