2020; started with some bangs.

Oh, hello you. (oops, did you read that in your head in a certain kinda-hot psycho's voice? My bad)

Welcome to 2020, my friends. How are we all doing? Is anyone else kinda hyped for this new year? (notice I didn’t terrify you by saying ‘new decade’, as everyone on social media seems to be doing recently. You’re welcome)

So, ermm, here’s what I have achieved so far this year:
  • I’ve moved out and am now renting a place all by myself, for the first time.
  • I started the year with a new contract at work – an extra few juicy hours.
  • I recorded my first episode of my new podcast (more on this soon!)
  • I've spoken on a panel at the launch party of a book I contributed to.

You could say it’s all downhill from here, but honestly, I’m only just getting started. Yes, I know that sounds horrendously like a ‘new year new me’ spiel, but in all honesty, I feel like while 2019 was the year the universe finally stopped messing with me, 2020 is going to be the year it properly gets behind me and pushes forward. 

It’s going to be hard, though. For starters, I’ve only just moved into the new place and my excitement for fulfilling a lifelong dream of living alone has quickly been replaced by a sh*t ton of stress about money. I’m also finding it hard to settle into the beautiful little flat, because it doesn’t quite feel ‘mine’ yet. I need to properly fill the empty space with my unique, bonkers energy – and a few bits of quirky second hand furniture – and that’s hard to do when you’re so busy with work, and trying to keep an eye on (/straight up avoid) all expenses. I know the place will feel right eventually, and I can’t wait for that day. In the meantime, I am really enjoying bringing friends round and hearing their excitement when they see the space, and me in it.

I’m also worried about keeping on top of my freelance work – and hopefully getting much more of it – with all my other obligations, and with all the changes that are happening around me right now. That being said I did tweet recently, with the aim of magically manifesting, that I’d love to do more speaking/hosting and stuff like that. So yes, please hit me up if you can think of any events I’d be good for!? Also, writing. I want to actually finish writing something* this year, and be proud of it, and make it into something. I want to master the art of pitching, developing, editing – everything. I’m actually hoping to start up an informal writing group with a few of my local writer friends, too (looking at you, Salisbury and Johnson).

*I actually just closed this document because I was getting frustrated with how rambly and word-vomit-ish it was, but made myself reopen it so I don’t have to pick it up again tomorrow when I’m out of this mindset. C’mon, Grace. WORK AT IT.

Right, manifesting/shameless plugging over. For now. I’m not quite done stressing, though. Because there is suddenly so much to stress about. I have gone from living rent-free (full transparency here; I didn’t even contribute towards bills or food when I was living at Latter HQ. I know, I was very lucky) to suddenly being completely self-sufficient and so damn responsible!? For everything!? I hope I get over this horrible ‘frantic paddling in deep water’ feeling soon, because honestly my skin is really suffering with it, and my bowels aren’t happy either.

Time for some brightness: I was so happy to have such a lovely response to my tweet about living alone, and my slight fear of feeling lonely and/or becoming a hermit. Thank you, my gang. I am always open to receiving any tips you readers may have when it comes to living independently – and of course, sustainably; I got so much joy from filling up glass jars in my local zero waste shop with lentils, rice, muesli and apricots, oh my. So yeah, comments and tweets are always welcome. I’m also going to be taking some sexy photos of my place when it’s properly come together, so keep an eye on my Instagram for that maybe. And on here, of course. Because that’s another aim for 2020, to write more openly and freely on this blog, and hopefully get that same feeling I got when I created this space at just 17 years old – that my feelings were being well and truly let out through writing. 


  1. I always find transition periods wildly anxiety inducing, but have always found that everything works out in time! I know that probably sounds incredibly unhelpful right about now, but it’s so wonderful to hear that 2020 will be the year that catapults you towards everything you deserve and more! I hope you have a wonderful year and that the worries subside for you soon :-)


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