Hi, I'm Grace.

Photo by Hattie Darling, for her project ‘Buzzed’!

I've realised since moving out on my own that I can save money and live without a lot of home comforts, but I draw the line when it comes to quality peanut butter; the obscenely priced Whole Earth Crunchy is, unfortunately, my ride or die. Although I recently tried Pip & Nut maple crunchy peanut butter, when Emma made me some delightfully fluffy vegan pancakes recently, and it's a fierce contender for my top spot. Too sweet for sandwiches, though. That's where the former has the edge. 

My first celebrity crushes were Will Smith, then Brendon Urie... and folks wonder why I have high standards. 

I'm trying very hard to learn to write with music on in the background; I can handle background noise like they have on adorable websites like this, but for some reason music distracts me too much. And don't even get me started on podcasts... 

I have started doing the #30daysnudechallenge that the Come Curious queens talked about in one of their latest F**ks Given podcasts, and have then followed through with (and then some) on their respective and joint Instagram accounts. Partly because I want to reconnect with my body a bit, as I feel I've been less positive about and appreciative of it in recent months, and partly because I hope it will inspire others to learn more about what they're made of and accept everything they see, from every angle. Here's my first (of a few, not too many) posts with that tag; I have a feeling Instagram aren't happy with it, though, as I'm not appearing on the hashtag explore page... hmm. Is it something I said, hon? 

Living alone suits me very well, but I still worry about getting lonely. My electrician just turned up as I am writing this, 1 hour and 45 minutes after he said he'd be here. I was very reluctant offering him tea, which he then declined because he could only stay for 5 mins. Is this what being an adult is like? 

I'm speaking at a local Rangers meeting tonight, about something I'm very passionate about: using social media and 'influencing' for good.

This is the first time I've written a Facts post like this. Usually it's just BAM. BAM. BAM. FACT. TRUTH. FACT. Here are some quick fire ones, to balance it out: I am perturbed by Crocs, I'm still trying to make a perfect tahini dressing, I'll always go for stretchy crop tops over 'sexy' wired plunge bras, 

I also used to start these posts with a 'hi, my name's Grace' and end them with 'I do one of these every month'. I've since realised the intro used to weirdly separate me from my name, so I changed that to 'I'm', and the last words put a silly amount of pressure on me to keep new fun facts coming every 4 weeks, which is just ridiculous really, so now I say something like 'I do one of these when I remember' OR I just leave it after the last fact, which is almost always a deep thought or hidden reality because I'm actually very complicated and emotional, y'know. 


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