Hi, I’m Grace.

Photo: Erin Veness

I’ve been living alone for 4 months now, I work freelance for a mental health organisation, I’m planning to get a small seagull tattoo after lockdown, plants have become a big part of my life suddenly, I lose track of time when I’m playing Sims 4 (longest I’ve played it without stopping? 4 hours. Longest, but with breaks? 6), rearranging my living room recently has brought me immense joy, I hate running, I still feel like I need to write a book, my hair used to be as thick as Hermione’s in the first film, I recently realised I can’t pronounce the word ‘transplant’ (I say it trans-plant, half Aussie half British, awkwardly in between, like me), I have way too many white T-shirts and pairs of pink or lilac trousers, sometimes I really want to bail on any and all plans, I arguably share too much of my life online, I’m emotional generally, but also not in touch with all my feelings; I’ve just been told by my GP that I’m no longer a high risk human, and I suddenly feel so free.

I genuinely used to do these posts once a month, but f**k that, I don’t have THAT much to write about. I do it when I feel like it. And I love that readers seem to love them so much. Share any facts about yourself in comments, if you want!


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