For those who don't know... I’m Grace. 

I have only recently discovered chow mein, growing my hair out (a little bit) is proving very difficult, I'm trying to make more time to write, doing a 'big shop' in the supermarket brings me such joy, coming off the pill has been amazing and absolutely sh*t, I've finally bought a Monstera Deliciosa, I stare at myself way too much during Zoom calls thinking 'do I normally look like that?!', I'm trying and failing to set bedtimes on my iPhone, going back to work has been weird and lovely and exhausting, I'm just starting a 28 day body 'reset' course with a local nutritionist and I'm so nervous/excited, turmeric is magical, fast fashion is evil, eating vegetables is important, I really think Sara Pascoe and I could be great friends, but then I worry I wouldn't make her laugh very much. 

I do these fun fact posts now and again, and weirdly, they get crazy amounts of reads. You nosy peeps. I love you. 

Photo: Erin Veness (safe distance etc., etc)


  1. I love these posts! It's a lovely insight into how you are doing and what you're thinking about in the now :-)


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