Life is good, even when the world is bad.

Remember when everyone regularly did the 'things that made me happy this week' posts? I miss those days; when blogging was so simple and gentle and a passion, rather than a job, for so many. I also miss people taking the time to post on social platforms and their various corners of the internet about their wins and joys - these days it's all 'the world is sh*t', '2020 can get in the sea' and 'can't wait for my life to start again'... I get it. I really, really do. No, seriously. I shielded in the first lockdown, I've had to isolate a few times since then, I've been furloughed, I've not hugged my family for months now and all my favourite places to go are closed for the foreseeable future - I GET IT. 

The world is a sh*tty place right now. It is. Our government suck. Businesses everywhere are struggling, money is tight, we all need a good cuddle. That said, life isn't all bad for me these days. I recently had a revelation - life's alright. It'll do. Okay, the lovely shop I work in is currently closed and I miss it dearly, but I've been able to work from home with one of the company's head office teams; 40 hours a week I am answering emails from distressed customers who need help - or just to be listened to - which actually brings me some real joy. Okay, some of my favourite local cafes are closed and I can't meet friends for a sit-down-cuppa-chat, but I can meet one friend at a time for a socially distanced walk along the seafront, or in the park, or around my funny old neighbourhood - and we can get coffee to take away, from the indie cafes that are staying open as kiosks! Okay, I can't get my fluffy, fast-growing hair sorted out and tidied up, but I'm basically getting a free pass to grow it and not worry too much about what it looks like - because I'm not going anywhere! 

I have a TV. I have my laptop. I have wifi and 4G. I have books - so many books. I have my plant babies. I have friends, just a video call or a tweet away. I can do virtual yoga classes in my living room. I can boogie, live on Instagram, in my pants - a very weird and wonderful occupation that's got me through the hardest times. I have my health - just about. I have food, I have an income, and of course, I have a fabulous, hard-working, resilient body that is carrying me through it all. Now, I'm not very good at meditating, but I've started taking moments each day to think about the things I do have, and the things that make me happy, despite everything. They can be the smallest, silliest things. The other day I giggled through my face covering at the local bakery when I saw a small bowl next to the till, full of gingerbread men, with a little sign that said 'Lil Ginger Chaps'. Things like that. Take them in. I'm very aware I've written something like this recently, about finding the light in the dark, but it's so important! Switch off the news for one evening, you can afford that. Pop your favourite movie on instead. Grab some snacks. Maybe hook up your phone/laptop to Zoom and watch it with your loved ones. 

I've put some photos in this post of little things that have made me happy, recently; including an online LUSH makeup class, a day of dog sitting, and my plants. Okay, the Zoom call with Newton Faulkner is quite a big thing, and very unexpected, but hey... 

The world will be okay again, someday. You need to make yourself okay, for now. 

Please comment with any tips you have for staying sane and staying happy, while the world is very sad. 


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