Hello. I'm Grace. Obviously.

I did a really nice LONG and PROPER Facts Post last time, back in January when things were in limbo and I had a lot more free time - but today I've got a lot to do, despite being on a week's holiday from my three jobs, and I'm wanting to just throw words around and then vomit them out into the ether... kind of like I used to, when I first started blogging. Before it became a big thing in the online world, a proper job, and a way to make connections and get places. Once again, I'm trying to take myself back, if only briefly, to the weird kid I once was who spent her lunchtimes at college tapping away on the clunky old keyboards in the Learning Centre (to this day, I've never perfected the touch-type method; hunt and peck is still making my index fingertips ache). 

Speaking of way back when, and blogging being a JOB... I'm officially renovating this little spot soon. Or rather, moving beyond it... Eek. For now I'll just say vaguely keep your eyes peeled; a new website is a-comin', with all sorts of fun quirks and extra tidbits. It's terrifying and exciting. I hope you'll all support what I'm going to do. 

Now, onto the smaller bits and bobs, which seem silly but I know y'all love... 

I am growing my hair - and have a whole long-term plan in place. It involves growing to the point of an eventual donation to a wig-making charity, something I'm super passionate about, then trying out weird and wacky things, going fully mulleted, and then another big shave. I expect there will be some outrageous colours and treatments in there somewhere, too.

I try to have coffee with just one espresso shot in, these days. I find that keeps me calmer, and in more of a pace... plus, then I can have more than one cuppa if I want to, and not get super jittery. See? *taps head* SMARTS. 

I'm trying to make more time to write, and failing spectacularly. But hey, maybe the new THINGS mentioned above will motivate me more. 

I'm currently watching The Bold Type on Netflix. it's ridiculous, annoying, oversimplified and airbrushed to fuckery but I really like that I can just pop it on in the background when I'm washing up or working from home, and I won't be that bothered if I miss a fashion closet gossip sesh, or a very vanilla sex scene, while I boil the kettle or pop to the loo. 

I've started using a highlighter on my face, and it's low key changed the game.

I have so many affiliate links these days and no idea where to put them or how to gently nudge folks into tapping on them because ugh, the whole idea of being an 'influencer' still irks me. 

I am moving to a new flat soon. It's a step up from my current place in a LOT of ways (bigger, bloody good heating, huge fridge-freezer, a WASHING MACHINE) but it's also missing some key things I need in my day to day life (oodles of daylight, less beige-ness, general character, a roof I can climb out onto) but hey, it's only gonna be foir six months (unless I fall in love with it) and it's definitely got more good points than bad. 

Following on from the above - I'm told I have high standards for living, relationships and friendships. And after ducking away from that accusation for some time, then sitting with it, I've realised that YEP, I do. I am ambitious in a lot of ways, and most of the time I will put my comfort first - something I never used to do. I'm not a princess, or a perfectionist, but damn, I know my worth and I deserve good things. 

Potting and repotting my plants gives me such a hit of joy and intense satisfaction, I can't believe I'm a Plant Person now but I love it a bit. I am also obsessed with Soil Ninja's mixes, and shout-out to the legend that is Stephanie Yeboah for introducing me to them via her plant clinic IG. 

My gut is a bit unhappy recently, my appetite is up and down, and yeah, it's a weird vibe at the mo. I need to actually go to a specialist about it, but when can I find the time to do that!? geezz.

I had an iced flat white the other day in LUSH Oxford Street's cafe, Plant Works Coffee. And... *chef's kiss*

I quite like doing my Facts posts like this, now. But it feels kinda like a newsletter round-up of my life... should I be doing that? Maybe I'll add that idea to the New Website cooking pot.

Thanks for reading, you lovely lot. I've been so slack recently, and I apologise. To those of you who diligently check in here regularly, I see you and I appreciate your eyeballs and hearts more than you will ever know.


  1. Eee! So many exciting things on the way - I can't wait to see your new site when it's live. I'm also very excited about the possible mullet situation. I'll definitely be keeping my eyes peeled! Also, heck yes to knowing your worth and deserving good things - keep on being you! <3


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