She's a .com girl again.

Well, it's been a weird old journey, you know. I've had a few different URLs and platforms - a few of them still exist, pending a grand cathartic technical takedown at some stage - but I'm finally back where I started all those years ago in the college LRC; back where I belong, where I'm happy and comfortable... Blogger. Ah, my old friend. How I missed you, and your very efficient and perfectly limited space. The orange buttons, simple fonts, and box for tags - separated by commas - that I'm still not sure actually do anything. 

I'm here. I'm back. And that's all that matters.

Grace's hand holding a pretty takeaway oat flat white, looking down at her feet.
(alt text is available! good work, Blogger)

Onwards! What have we missed? I have a new chronic condition to add to the roster (post on that to come... maybe? I make no promises at this stage, I've only just fixed my wheels back on), new jobs(s - will I ever have just one? Doubtful), a new home (shared with a hyperactive cat and an obscenely intelligent man), more hair, nicer clothes (although I still dress like a children's TV presenter a lot of the time; I'm working on that), longer nails, clearer skin (not right now though, Betwixtmas and NYE buggered up months of hard work with all the bevs and Pretensleydale, sigh), a very good therapist (started early last year, paused for a while, went through a pre-30 crisis and went running back), a smidge of that coveted 30-yo clarity everyone told me about, coupled awkwardly with a lot of anxiety. I think that's it. 

As you all know, or definitely ought to by now as I say it a lot, I started this blog when I was a teenager with a heap of confused feelings in my mind and body that included loneliness, anxiety, yearning - but also love, excitement, and curiosity. I had big and arguably foolish dreams, secret wishes, and an aptitude for the serendipitous. I'd say I miss that version of me, but really she's not so far away. Despite all those big life updates above, and the fact that much to my dismay I'm now passing as a legitimate adult, that tender and sparkly young heart is still tucked up safely inside me and won't be extinguished any time soon. 

Right, that's enough (vegan) cheese for today. Thanks for coming along. See you soon. x


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