I'm still clearing.

Today I finished packing away exactly one half of my bedroom into a box. Now most of you will know I'm a sentimental fool, so imagine how I feel when I go through all the memories and photos in my room.
So I was sitting on the floor, surrounded by boxes full of old birthday cards and photos in frames, when I discovered a little black flower pot made of card that once held a dozen little red roses on Valentine's Day 2010. I remembered walking into the restaurant with my boyfriend, seeing our pretty table set up and this pot of roses waiting for me.
And that's when I started crying. They were sad, regretful tears. But then I found something else; something I've actually been trying to find for ages. It's a note that my best friend wrote me in AS French class last year, when I was upset with him. And just like that, they were happy tears. x


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