The Day.

Christmas Day, the most joyful yet also the second-most disappointing day/night of the year (bested only by New Year's Eve). It's finally here. Oh hey, where did it go? I got a text at about 4:30pm from a friend saying "hope you all had a great Christmas!" Emphasis on the "had" part.

I'm a little kid, really. I wait all year for Christmas; I look up vegetarian roast dinners in February, I buy presents in October, I even lay out my outfit (Christmas dress/jumper, leggings and Santa socks, every year) the night before. When the day finally arrives, I am a bundle of Christmas cheer and infectious giggles, running back and forth from the kitchen to the living room - and any innocent present lying in my path pays the ultimate price. I pass out the presents when the whole family is settled by the fire, amaze everyone with my ability to make my entire roast dinner vanish within seconds of sitting down at the table, and then snuggle down on the sofa for the evening while all the grown-ups have their Christmas naps.

Today, I'm watching one of my five new Gilmore Girls DVDs, eating my way through a whole box of After Eights, and staring at my glorious pile of presents. I won't list my Christmas presents on here, I'm not that arrogant (although I might casually mention my McFly tickets and Chanel perfume).

At this time of year, I forget everything that's less than perfect in my own silly life and focus on the things that matter. I indulge in this one beautiful day I have with my family, and at midnight tonight when Christmas Day is over, I make a wish that one day everyone in the world will be able to enjoy this day as much as I do. x


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