Hi, my name's Gracie. I've lost my festival virginity, my moods change on an hourly basis, I've been told I talk "softly, but a lot", I've never done drugs, my pen running out of ink is devastating to me, I've finally got into the habit of drinking tea but I still wouldn't say I'm a tea drinker, I fancy Tom Delonge, I'm unbelievably lucky when it counts, I wish on the first star of the night, I'm getting a phone upgrade soon, I have "open all hours" written on my leg and it won't wash off, I save all my train tickets, I like being home, I hate being home, all my friends love my mum, I own an Obey snapback, I've learned how to drive on motorways, I'm making more grown-up decisions recently, my past keeps catching up with me, and I'm not letting it own me.

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