Some books I GAVE as Christmas presents!

I blogged before Christmas, advising y'all on books that make good presents. Now that awkward post-Crimbo week that we all secretly love because hey, leftover food and no work (for the lucky folks, that is) is beginning, and I thought I'd share what books I got my family and friends as gifts on the 25th

I swear I'm not showing off (okay, maybe a little, sorry but I worked hard and did good), I just want to share a few more books that I love and now my loved ones are enjoying. I'll also add in specifically why I bought each book, I won't just sell them to you!  

So, we'll start with my mama. I got her the lovely hardback 'The Secret Life of Colours', which lists all of the colours currently imaginable and their exciting origins. I got mama this book as she is a Colour Consultant, which may be the coolest career like, ever. 

I also got her the bright and cheerful paperback 'Happiness: 25 Ways to Live Joyfully Through Art' which explains why certain works of art can cheer you up no end. This was because mama is studying Colour Awareness at the London College of Art. 

Then there was also the hardback edition of Ruby Wax's latest brain buster book, 'A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled'

Now, the papa. He got a very special big hardback entitled 'A Portrait of Bowie', and yeah, it's basically the definitive collection of Bowie photos and artwork, with accompanying essays that tell you about the circumstances and artists behind each portrait. 

Also in Dad's book bundle was 'Mountain Shadow' by Gregory David Roberts, the author behind 'Shantaram', one of Dad's favourite books – that he never stops talking about. I figured this second novel was a safe bet. (It was.) 

I also threw in a copy of the non-fic that is fast becoming a modern classic (?!) 'A Street Cat Named Bob', as Dad is a major cat person; ginger cats are the favourite in our household, and this story is impossibly precious. That's all there is to it. 

I also got this dude a joke bookish gift, a photo book entitled 'My Cat is a Dick'. This in no way reflects the behaviour of his cat. (Okay, maybe a little. At times...)

I didn't buy my little sis any books as she basically has open unlimited access to my excellent YA fiction library...but I did get her a theatre trip. I slipped the tickets inside a novel that I already owned, though, to throw her off the scent and make her think that like everyone else I'd just grabbed her a book from work. I'm a genius, I know. Bless her, she even reacted fully to the book, thinking that was it until she saw the paper peeking out from inside it...

For Grandad I thought I'd explore the spiritual section of the shop, and I got him the gorgeous new AA hardback 'Tiny Churches'. It does what it says on the tin, and then some. It's so cute and I thought it might inspire him to wander further afield in search of beautiful holiness...

Sis and I got our auntie Sue a paperback copy of 'Grief is the Thing with Feathers' by Max Porter, because OH DEAR GOD THIS BOOK, it is everything and it is perfect. End of. 
She texted to say she'd got the gift, and looked forward to checking the book out. (I worry she has no idea just how much it'll blow her mind...)

(This is a photo of my copy, which has been thumbed through many a time!)

My best girl, the one and only Clare Holman-Hobbs, received the sublime quirky illustrator Ruby Elliot's debut 'It's All Absolutely Fine (Life is complicated, so I've drawn it instead)'. I've been following her on Insta for ages now – and thanks to Louise Jones for originally alerting me to her amazing work which involves scribbling some totally rad and totally relatable mental health situations to the delight of many almost every day. 
And thanks to a certain #bookstagram upload of Clare's, I knew she wanted a cloth-bound classic. So naturally, I went with this snazzy edition of 'Frankenstein' because a) spooky af and beautiful, and b) anatomical hearts ughh yes?! 

I was honoured to have these badass books featured on Clare's Insta after we exchanged gifts! 

My lovely friends Sarah and Scott, the couple who have sackfuls of joy to spare, got a book that I 100% believe was made for them. It's called 'Good Things Are Happening', and it's bright and bold and contains a ton of pages with empty happy lists waiting to be filled. I know these two will have some fun with that. 

And finally, my gal Lex is an excellent writer and fully lathered Lushie (idk, that expression worked in my head...) and she received from me a 'Q and A a Day for Writers' by Potter. Again, this was a present I just came across and felt she needed. I love it when that happens, and I'd rather a friend got me a gift on impulse than feel they had to painfully look for one. 

I'll admit it guys, I didn't buy many other presents this year. This was simply because I cannot afford nice things for every single friend of mine at this time in my life; I am working hard and saving up, taking on side hustles and commissions wherever possible just so I can someday travel places, and maybe have a place of my own...and when I'm there, you can bet my friends and family will be getting not just a pile of books for Christmas each year, but a whole damn bookcase! 
Happy Boxing Day to you all. 


  1. What a fabulous selection of books. As a bookworm myself, I love receiving books for Christmas. Indeed I was given several this year including The Writers & Artists Yearbook. I bet your family was very happy with your choice of gifts xx


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