Grace answers; 2.

I once said it would be really cool to be on the same level of celebrity as the major UK YouTubers, if only so I could be on a late train home, slightly tipsy following a book event most likely, and just throw a tweet out there saying ‘ask me anything!’ followed by a home-made hashtag – and immediately get 100+ replies from fans and followers asking me silly, quirky and insightful things.

Having said that, I imagine if I had that level of fame it would stress me out no end on social media. I have trouble being careful even these days...

Well, last night I thought I’d experiment with a Q+A post again, so I threw a tweet out…

...and I got some lovely Qs to A!

So, here we go!

In the past few days, I've been trying (and failing) to squeeze in writing and/or chill time. It's been hard, as I've been here there and everywhere lately, not to mention my brain's been extra busy...

Oh my darl, I would obviously have to say the scratch production of 'Much Ado' with you and the rest of our Nic Cage-loving gang. I had the best time being a 1920s New York gangster Hero. If I had to pick another performance, though, it would have to be 'Punk Rock' by Simon Stephens in my first year at sixth form. I loved being a character completely different to me - a plastic, Queen Bee bitch in an unhappy relationship with the school bully, yearning to escape the Northern town she'd grown up in. (okay, maybe the last thing rang a little too true with me...)

This is such a sweet question, thank you. I do miss my counsellor and the weekly sessions, but I have confidence that I'll be okay for some time now. 

I have a really exciting week ahead, actually! It includes The Brain Tumour Charity's Celebrating You awards ceremony on Thursday, a couple of fun photographic adventures and a fabulous musical experience, too. And in the long run, I'm excited about having reconstruction surgery and finally getting my life un-paused. 

Do all the research, check your data levels on your phone, pack snacks, get lots of sleep and take your time with everything. Don't pressure yourself. And for more advice, please go to Louise Jones, the professional adventure-haver and travel Instagrammer

I had to fake-flirt with a friend recently to get a somewhat frightening middle-aged lady off his back at the pub; I just leaned in a little too far and touched his arm gently, I giggled and shared a cutesy anecdote about seeing a funny card in a shop and thinking of didn't require much thought, tbh. I just got noticeably closer to my friend and spoke a little more delicately?! If it's a stranger, though, I'd say just keep chatting - as long as the other person wants to, that is. Smile a lot - but not like a 1000 watt grin, just a calm and contented smile. That's all I got! But Ellen, you can just be you imo. You're fab. 

So while writing this, I realised that I'd attempted a Q+A post almost exactly 1 year ago...maybe I should make it an annual thing?! We'll see.

Thanks for the Qs, my lovely friends. Feel free to comment with any more questions, or tweet me, as these lovely askers did! 


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