The Joy of...dress.

Confession: I do not enjoy clothes shopping. Nope. Not at all. I hardly ever find things that I like in the usual high street shops - plus in those places, I can vary drastically in size. Seriously, I'll be a size L in Topshop, then M in Zara, and often S in New Look. Then don't even get me started on H&M. I mean, I love some of their stuff (although it can be a bit...Hit and Miss!) but then it's a bit bloody odd to go from size 10 to 14 some time between 2 different outfits...? 

There are very few stores I'll happily and confidently go into, knowing I can count on finding gorgeous, flattering clothing within them. And one of those places has to be the utterly divine JOY

(Photo: Paris Tate)

Here are a few reasons why I love shopping in JOY whenever I'm in London, or the Brighton Lanes...


Whenever I walk into a JOY store, I am greeted with happy tunes, bright colours, cute displays and always a gorgeous team working behind the counter and on the shop floor. Plus they're all super kind, and more than happy to help – something so basic which often seems to be lacking in high street shops these days?! 


The store boasts – as it damn well should – that the majority of their women's clothing products have POCKETS. Another thing that shouldn't be a big deal, but it really, really is. I cannot believe that this is still so rare, because it's so important! Also, these aren't pissy little 'lady pockets' like they have on most brand jeans – these are whole-hand ones. You could easily fit a gigantic scientific calculator in those. Plus a pack of Oreos. Sweet damn, yes

(Photo: Paris Tate)


Another confession: as I am almost always strapped for cash, I will often pop into JOY on my travels through London or between coffees in the Brighton lanes, where I'll then spend a good half hour or so trying on every item of clothing that I fancy. I'll make a note of what size I am in each outfit (and unlike other high street shops, I am almost always the same size!?) and then bookmark the relevant pages on their website...and wait for the sale to hit. 

A JOY sale is a thing of beauty. It's not just the sh*t slush stuff (well tbf, there isn't any) that gets thrown in the sale section; the very best items get massively reduced, sometimes up to 70%, and then extra 20% offers are piled on top of that. Also, whenever there's a sale in store but they don't have what I'm looking for, I know I can always ask staff and they'll work hard searching for me in their back of house, or they'll even call round to other stores. Ughh, such babes. 


The colours. The patterns. The quirks. I can honestly say I appreciate every design that lands in JOY - even the ones I wouldn't necessarily go for. Like, I adore all their mustard yellow pieces, but could never wear them. I drool over the gold necklaces, even though I'm a silver kinda girl. 

I especially love their cool blue hues and rich reds. Plus they’ve done some dope floral and geometric patterns that have made me swoon in recent months... 

(Photo: Paris Tate)


The ones I see stocked in JOY the most would be Louche (regular and Luxe), Chi Chi, and Valley of the Dolls. There are a few more I think, but those are my favourites. I actually bought the dress I wore to The Brain Tumour Charity's Celebrating You Awards last week (by Chi Chi Clothing, can be found HERE) in Waterloo station (my favourite one; no better way to kill time between trains than grab a cuppa at Benugo and browse some JOY), yes, in one of their epic sales. 

This post was most definitely NOT sponsored (although hey, JOY, wanna take me on in some semi-professional blogger capacity? Hit me up whenever)...I just really love this brand. Please do yourself a favour and check them out. As a majorly body posi human, I can confirm that these clothes always cheer me up and help me love the skin I'm in even more than I already do. Like, they are a happy alternative to being in just my pants/naked (a style I will always opt for when appropriate). They feel warm and kind, and look SEXY. Just like me...! 


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