Circolombia, 31/5/2018; a review.

Last night, I saw 'Circolombia' at the Underbelly. This was my third circus experience at that festival this year, and it may be a bit cheeky to say, may have been my favourite. 

This show is no ordinary circus. It celebrates diversity and brings song, dance and a big personality in with the insane feats of strength, balance and creativity. 

'Guts, Grace and Gusto, direct from Bogota with the support of the Colombian Ministry of Culture and the Colombian Embassy.
'Circolombia' returns to the UK after taking Edinburgh by storm with their critically acclaimed show. Witness the explosive power of thirteen performers, showcasing mind-boggling circus skills whilst taking terrifying risks live on stage. Coupled with live music and singers, 'Circolombia' delivers world-class, gravity defying performances that you’ll never forget.'
(Source: From the Box Office

This hour-long performance flew by, and as an audience member I felt properly brought into it. The beautiful singing cast members would draw us in and hype us up before the rest of the company threw themselves through the air, climbed over each other and balanced on the most unlikely objects; the relationships between people were clear, and most importantly, all the performers looked like they were having fun while putting on this incredible show for us punters.
 'A sexy tangle of muscular limbs' -  Evening Standard.

'These audacious artistes both blow the mind and stir the heart.' -  Sunday Express.

'An adrenalin-fuelled mix of strength, skill and daring, a great night out.' -  Time Out.

There were, of course, moments of extreme tension and more than slight stress in the stalls at times during the performance, for instance when a beautiful woman was climbing into and around an enormous circular structure (see above) that was somehow balanced on her co-star's forehead!?
There were genuine gasps emitting from the audience throughout, as well as laughter, squeals and cheers. What was lovely was how we were encouraged from the beginning of the show to take photos, whenever we saw something that especially astounded or excited us. This obviously meant phones were being pulled out of pockets almost non-stop during the performance. 

This beautifully cataclysmic show is headlining until the 14th of July.
Get your tickets now, at From the Box Office!
(They're always cheaper than the actual Underbelly website...shhh!)

I saw this production with the fabulous Stevie Finegan, a lovely friend I made through book blogging and events. Check her out, maybe?


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