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There’s no denying that summer is quite different after you leave school. As a kid, it’s a perfect time for playing with your friends, experiencing new things and feeling truly free. Plus, time can seem to stretch out when you’re younger; one summer could feel like it lasted a lifetime. But there’s no need to feel like you’re crippled by your adult responsibilities when the sunny season swings around. You can still have fun – you just have to manage your time more effectively. If the week nights and weekends are yours, then you should use them to truly experience summer as you did in your youth. You might not see your friends that often, but the warm weather might give you all an excuse to meet up! Here are some ideas how you could all spend your time together… 

Look around your nearest city.

This might not read as very adventurous, but you might surprise yourself by discovering things that you’ve never seen before if you properly explore your nearest city this summer. And if you think you’ve exhausted all the things to do in your own city, just wait and see – there might be hidden bars and clubs, or museums and art galleries you’ve never truly explored before. This could be an opportunity for you and your pals to go on a mini adventure. You don’t have to book flights anywhere. An adventure is just a short drive away! And a great thing to do is turn it into a walking tour

Go on a road trip to the beach.

This one could be a spontaneous thing. It might be a particularly hot day and you could message your buddies to meet up after work for a bit of chill time on the beach, with a few drinks. Or if it’s a long journey to the coast, you could turn it into a weekend road trip. It’s one of the best ways to unwind and enjoy the summer sun. 

Get tickets for a music festival. 

The ideas we’ve mentioned in this article so far have all been pretty impulsive ones, but you might want to make some more concrete plans with your friends to ensure that everybody actually attends the events you have in mind. Going to a festival could be a great idea because you’d have to book your tickets in advance, which would give you confirmation that your mates actually want to join you! Have a discussion with your pals to get a feel for the sort of things they’d like to do; if you decide on a festival then discuss which acts you’d like to see. Make sure everyone is happy and excited!

If you need ideas for a fab festival to check out, maybe take a look at this review for Victorious Festival from last year. It sounds like both the line-up and the atmosphere of the festival itself are amazing, and that’s exactly what you’re looking for when you go to a music event. Sure, you and your mates want to see artists that you enjoy, but you mainly want to have a fantastic time and make memories. If you decide to stay the entire weekend at the festival you choose then you might want to camp with your buddies, which will be a fun experience in itself. There’s nothing like sitting around a campfire with some junk food and great company after enjoying electrifying live music.

Do something different. 

It might be a while since you’ve seen your friends, and you’d probably be happy to just relax in the pub with them for a catch-up. But summer is a long season. You don’t want to do that every week. You should aim to do something different to switch things up and keep your buddies engaged. It can be hard to rally the troops and get every member of the friendship group to commit to outings, but they’ll be more likely to attend if you arrange something unique that your friends haven’t done before. Maybe you could all set yourselves the challenge of trying something new every week. You could do it as a group so that you’re encouraged to spend more time together over summer. Maybe you could all join a sports team, for instance. It would help you to finally fulfil any resolutions you might have had to lead a more active lifestyle. What better time to start than during summer? The weather’s warm, so you’ve no excuse to avoid the outside world…! 

Throw a garden party. 

The beauty of summer is that it does most of the hard work for you. Unlike winter, people actually want to go outside; they want to enjoy the warm weather and bask in the glow of the sun. That means you don’t have to think of exciting things to do indoors! And you know, throwing a cheeky garden party might just be the perfect thing. Any excuse to relax in the sun will be welcome in the eyes of your buddies. It won’t take much time, money, or effort to set up either. You could just get out a few sun loungers, set up some speakers, and chill. Perfection. 

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