Instagram Honesty (4).

I enjoy social media; it's brilliant, clever and connects us all. It's also terrible, toxic and at times dangerous. I know a lot of people who go through phases of ‘detoxing’ now and again for self care reasons, and others who have actually deleted any themselves from every platform. Which is really quite sensible, when one thinks about it… 

Since being inspired by various bloggers, vloggers and encouragers (an alternative term the lovely Lexie invented to replace 'influencers', which I maintain sounds a little manipulative and menacing) who have been so open about their social media platforms being just a highlights reel and not always a clear view into their actual lives, I have written three posts like this one. You can read the others HERE. 

Now, let me be honest with you about a few of my latest Instagram uploads. 

This was my first paid AD on Insta. I was confident in posting it, but also slightly nervous it wouldn't get any love (or the all-important likes and comments). Fortunately, I have some wonderful friends online, and they always have my back. Thanks, gang. 

The lovely Rebecca was having to step in and out of the road, and out of the way of oncoming cars, over and over again to get this perfect shot. That's dedication. She's a boss, as well as a beautiful friend. 

This tattoo hurt like F**K. I get so embarrassed about showing how much pain I'm in while I get inked; usually I'm fine, as I have a high-ish pain threshold, or I'm really, really good at hiding just how hard the needle is scraping my nerves. But on this particular day, I let myself hum quite loudly at certain points as I breathed through the pain (for instance the bit when the needle came right down to my ankle bone, ooohhhh that was a big nope). Btw, Vicky Jeffree is a queen and you all need to get inked by her.

These pics were 'shot' in the car park at the Premier Inn my family were staying at on the night of the wedding. It was bloody hot, and I was so irked when I looked at them afterwards and saw my cute jumpsuit looked a little ruffled, and one of the shoulders was askew. What kind of Back Up Best Man has an outfit malfunction!? Outrageous. 

I had my boyfriend (aka Hands, on my instagram) standing there holding my hand for a good few minutes; we had to shift around a bit to fit in my favourite flowers, get the perfect angle on our hands, but also make it look candid and cute. He laughed at me, after I'd moved his hand back and forth about six times. Pfffttt. 

FYI: we're not that cute. We often argue about who's weirder. 

Now, how about I set you readers a lil challenge? For every three or so posts on platforms that you don't disclose the entire backstory on, make sure you explain just one. Not in full, if you don't want to; just give us a little glimpse behind the scenes. See how it feels. I do love it when popular bloggers share images of themselves giggling with friends or casually throwing their hair about in front of a pastel coloured wall, wearing the most immaculate outfits, and the caption says 'I don't look like this today, I'm curled up in bed eating salty crisps watching Judge Judy, scared to move because last night was so hectic I might sh*t myself and/or vom on my fabulous new rug, haha (#AD)'. Let's be real, people. It's all the rage!


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