2020 visions.

To begin with, I really liked the tweets that were circulating a few weeks back saying things like ‘the decade is nearly over, what are you most proud of?’ It made me reflect (although that’s something I do way too much anyway, tbh) and yeah, feel proud of my accomplishments, big and small. I made myself remember the work struggles, and feel relieved that I now do something I truly love; I thought about my worst moments of loneliness, and then appreciated the wonderful close friends I can rely on these days. And of course it hit me hard when I looked back on how ill I’ve been, and how much better I am now. It was all very positive, yes. 

But then I saw the tweets become A Bit Much; friends of mine were quote tweeting saying things like ‘eekk who are you my mum, lol’, ‘wow, I can’t think of anything’ and, most heartbreakingly, ‘I survived, and that’s enough’. I realised not everyone wants to look back on the past ten years – and that’s okay. I mean really, right now, with all the sh*t that’s going on, we should really be looking toward the future. And thinking about the good can do, for ourselves and others. But then, we also mustn’t put too much pressure on ourselves. I know do; I’m constantly obsessing over my carbon footprint, recycling effectively, the interest rates on my savings, and what big moves I should be making in my career (HA, okay so that last one was a joke). Sometimes, just the littlest aims and targets are enough. 

coffee and world domination plans with Erin.

So, with that in mind, here are my goals for 2020: 

  •  become more independent (whether that means moving out, or just taking more responsibilities in the family home)
  •  cook more (I seem to have nearly forgotten how since uni, and I miss it a bit)
  •  don’t scrape or dent the car (harder than it sounds, for me)
  •  be a little less scrappy with timings
  •  be kinder to my brain (it’s been through a lot)
  •  only buy stuff from charity shops, and/or invest in essentials from better and more ethical brands (e.g. Organic Basics, what a bunch of babes)
  •  book reviews in at work (no matter how terrifying that may be)
  •  enjoy the freedom of trips away, rather than planning activities for every second of them
  •  volunteer more
  •  find the perfect vegan milk chocolate (still haven’t tried the new Galaxy range; I feel like that will be a game changer)
  •  stop referring to groups of people as ‘guys’, ffs
  •  watch more films, and less of the same old TV series
  •  learn more fun facts
  •  go on more exciting car/train journeys to new places
  •  Don’t look back, you’re not going that way. (who said that, please? It’s a quote that’s on my mind a lot, these days)

And that’s it… at least, until I think of a couple dozen more when I get into bed and try to go to sleep tonight. Luckily, there’s always the edit button. 

Anyone got their own goals? Feel free to share them in comments, on Twitter or DM me on Instagram.

I feel like we’ve got to the point in the year when everyone’s saying ‘if I don’t see you before, have a happy Christmas/New Year’. So, yeah, that. 


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