Patronise me.

I have some exciting news. Well, I hope you’ll all find it exciting.

I’ve been starting some new projects recently. Yes, I’m starting them at the end of the year, not the best timing really… or is it? Actually it kind of feels like good timing, because I can let the ideas sit and percolate a little in the last few weeks of the year (that is, mind you, after they’ve followed me around for a lot longer) and then properly dive into them at the beginning of 2020. I’ll be going into more detail about them then, too – rather than what I’m doing right now, which is really just me being like ‘I have stuff happening, STUFF’ and not giving you much more than that, oops… 

Photo by Grace at UNOA.

Anyway, to help me fund these new projects, I’ve started a Patreon. Yep, I did that thing. So if you’re a friend, follower, or even someone who feels completely indifferent about me but needs a good place to get rid of some loose change every month, please do check it out and consider supporting me and my mad endeavours. I’ll take whatever you can spare! No amount is too little. Alternatively, you’re welcome to help me via Ko-Fi, which is a one-off, non-committal thing, so you can just pop something over to me now and again but not sign up for £? per month.

I’m not asking for mad moolah here, I just wanna have a lovely little community of supporters who (hopefully) appreciate what I’m making… and enjoy exclusive, behind-the-scenes action AND get priority on ~*things*~.

Yes, so, that brings me onto what supporters can get by contributing whatever they can each month… the truth is, I haven’t quite worked it out. I know what I will be able to give as perks and extras, but I haven’t formulated the ‘tiers’ of rewards just yet. And of course, if I told you now what you’d be getting, it might spoil the surprise I have planned to announce in the new year! I’m trying to build up excitement and suspense, here. Geeezzz. Also, I'm open to ideas. What do YOU want in exchange for your spare pennies each month? Hugs? Kisses? Giveaways? Exclusive newsletters and good old BTS #content? Let me know via comment, tweetemail, smoke signals, anything. 

So here’s my link – oh, and if you follow it, you’ll see what one of my new projects is because I refer to it briefly in my bio! That was clever of me, innit.

Happy Christmas, folks. And bring on 2020, I say.


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