The Importance of Public Libraries*.

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There are many important institutions in today’s society; hospitals and other healthcare practices, plus court houses and town halls. Where would we be without those!? Those two industries typically get plenty of shout-outs and praise, but there’s another social institution that arguably does just as much for the community: libraries! While they can be viewed, primarily, as a place where you can borrow books, they can provide so much more. I bet you our society would be much poorer without these integral buildings that help to promote engagement, both with oneself and with other people. 

Libraries provide public spaces where friends can gather in a welcoming and warm environment. They can also foster connections between strangers that obviously could not happen if they were both sitting at home. One of the other ways that libraries help society is the way they can empower individuals – we can get health guidance, conduct research, and find essential tools that help us to improve our careers or pursue higher education. 

The good news is that libraries are valued by most societies – in America, more people visited public libraries than they did cinemas in the past year, and of course a huge percentage of the UK population are loyal to their locals, too. 

To learn more about libraries and the integral role they play in society, take a look at the infographic from the University of Southern California below. 

Infographic Design By University of Southern California


  1. I love popping along to my local library as much as I can. As I work alone, just being able to take that time to work in the same space as other people who are reading, working or just moseying around is such a comfort. :-)


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