Distance Learning in Isolation.

This is a sponsored post! How exciting! And it’s going to be all about these bizarre times of isolation, and how the folks at Distance Learning Centre can help us use our isolation time to help ourselves a little.
Okay, gang. Let’s be real. We’re living in a very strange and uncertain time, and I don’t know about you, but some days I’m climbing the walls of my little flat desperate for something to do. Especially when the weather is wet and gloomy, meaning I can’t even squeeze out the window onto the roof for some fresh air… *sigh* 

I really struggled with the first week of isolation; not just the emotional side of it, but because suddenly I was on furlough from work and being told very firmly to stay home, and ‘do nothing’… well, that made no sense to me. I am the kind of person who always feels a need to be busy and productive, and it’s only when I literally couldn’t make myself busy in the usual way (going for back-to-back coffee dates, taking on extra shifts at work, doing social media jobs for local businesses and arranging local shoots with my very talented friends) and stopped completely for a moment that I realised… I didn’t have to be busy. In fact, it’s important for all of our mental health right now that we chill, and take time for ourselves. 
But what if you want to do something, right now, that will help you in the future, when all this madness is over? What if there was a way to fill up just a little portion of your spare time, that would keep your brain active and maybe help your CV out a bit, too?
Well, why not take up one of Distance Learning Centre courses? These folks are leading the way in home and distance studying, with various options for different learners. They are super supportive in their teaching, and provide innovative course materials.
Distance Learning Centre is currently offering 250 courses you can take from the comfort of your own home, and these courses cover a wide variety of subjects; you can start on your path to becoming a teaching assistant, or perhaps a health care worker, or even a web designer! But maybe you want to get some key qualifications under your belt first, in which case you can study GCSE and A Level courses (A1 and/or A2).
Surely this is one of the best things you can do with your time in isolation, if you’re feeling the need to be productive, but also not wanting to completely overwhelm yourself with anything. The beauty of Distance Learning Centre is that you can study at your own pace, from home, and their experienced team of tutors will always be there to offer you support and guidance every step of the way.
Thousands of students sign up online every year for home study courses, and achieve nationally-recognised qualifications and/or certificates that can infinitely improve their job opportunities. Why not become one of them by enrolling today?
I’ve been out of education for a good few years now, and in all honesty, I really do miss sometimes. It’s like my funny old brain is craving new information, and wants to be filled with exciting new skills… Having browsed the options on Distance Learning Centre, I think I’d want to take the Introduction to Mental Health course, the Astrology course, and maybe even add an extra A Level to my bank – I always liked the look of English Language when I was at college, and regretted not taking it alongside English Lit. Maybe now I can give it a go…
What courses do you think you would choose for yourself? They’ve got a bit of everything, for all different tastes. There’s Cake Making (!!), Social Media Marketing, Creative Writing, Media Studies, Event/Wedding Planning, and so much more. Comment below with what you think you’d want to take a crack at!


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