Small But Big; Brighton Lace.

Hey, Brighton Lace beauties. Welcome to Small But Big! I’m so happy to be interviewing you for this little series that celebrates small businesses – you are one of my absolute favourites!

I love the simple description on your website; ‘feel-good, ethical lingerie for women, by women’. Where did the beautiful Brighton Lace start? And how are your products made?

I founded Brighton Lace in 2014 with the vision of creating beautiful, ethical lingerie that doesn’t cost the earth whilst at the same time empowering  women to enjoy their bodies - just as they are. It was really important to me to create a collection of simple, feminine lingerie that celebrates the natural beauty of a woman’s body without the padding, push ups or wires - nothing about those ‘extras’ is sexy to me. Today we are a small all-woman team (each one paid the living wage) designing and making our lingerie for other women. 

Photo taken from the Brighton Lace website.

I’ve been following you on social media for a while now. How big a role does Instagram play in the brand? 

I love Instagram, it gives independent brands like us an opportunity to make an impact and to grow organically in a way that just isn’t possible off-line. It’s a meaningful space to share and connect with our customers and fellow small independent brands and collaborators. I love the intimacy and playfulness of the platform - it’s not just where our community is, it’s also the place we get to ask questions and listen. So for instance when we can’t think of what to name a new lace, we ask our community for suggestions via our IG stories and we always have such incredible responses and ideas come in! 

When did you start selling at Flock, in Brighton North Laines? It’s a gorgeous little cave of wonders! 

Yes, we’ve been honoured to be amongst the talented collective of Brighton designers at Flock ever since it opened its Brighton doors in 2015. 

Of course, it’s not just lacy underwear on your website. You also have cashmere sets! I saw one on the lovely Hannah Witton recently. When did they launch? 

Yes as well as making ethical lace lingerie we also launch other seasonal collections throughout the year including organic cotton underwear, linen crop tops (using locally dyed linen), and most recently upcycled cashmere underwear. We’ve been amazed to have been awarded Etsy’s “Bestseller” badge for our cashmere undies which we only started making last winter. The cashmere underwear are bespoke makes, so like Hannah Witton did, you write to us with your bralette and knicker size and then select your favourite cashmere colour and we make a special set just for you. 

What would you say has been your biggest achievement within the business? 

Ooh good question, most recently: 

  • Being featured in The Times Christmas Lingerie Guide
  • Our Community shoot last summer was a great personal achievement and something i’d always dreamed of doing. It was amazing to bring 13 women of different shapes, sizes and backgrounds together in a celebration of body confidence and community spirit and also to be the person doing the photos! I was really nervous that my photography skills weren’t up to the challenge but I proved myself wrong :-)
What are your hopes for the future? 

  • Becoming better known in the ethical lingerie industry
  • Growing our team to include more lovely women
  • Finding a beautiful studio space for us!
  • Eventually launching an eco swimwear range

What’s going on at the moment, with the brand? These are strange times, I hope it’s not being affected? 

Despite these being crazy times we’ve decided to keep going & continuing with our plans for April – we are launching our Spring Collection this Friday with 8 new undies sets and I’m very excited! The colours are gorgeous, really cheerful and bright. 

Thank you so much for chatting with me for this series, Lou. All the best wishes for 2020 and beyond! 

Readers, please do check out Brighton Lace's Instagram and their website; they launched a new Spring collection over the weekend, and I for one am loving the cheery colours in these dark times!



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