Pack it ethically.

Hello, beautiful readers. This post is sponsored, and I'm so excited to share it with you... 

Photo from the Lil Packaging website.

You all know I'm ob-sessed with being green, right? And I don't mean like Kermit, or Elphaba (although let's be real, we've all lip-synced along to Defying Gravity in front of our bedroom mirror at one time or another, right? ahem), I mean in the eco-conscious, saving-the-planet sense. So I was overjoyed when I came across the opportunity to write something for Lil Packaging, aka the first business in the packaging industry to be 100% plastic-free, ocean-friendly, bio-degradable and 100% recyclable. They offer innovative printed packaging solutions to businesses of any size, meaning they're reducing the use of plastic in so many companies!

Lil Packaging is trusted by brands such as Boots, John Lewis, Hotel Chocolat and Moonpig - those are some big names, right?! Well, how about the slightly smaller folks? 

That's right, I'm taking this opportunity to shout out some of my favourite independent, crafty sellers! Read on for some recommendations... 

Sew Many Nudes (at Fiber and Floss Studio)

Amyleigh is one of my favourite social media pals, and when she started doing handmade stitchings of nudes sent in by trusting customers, I was thrilled! Check out her Etsy profile and maybe consider investing in a piece of art based on your own body - there's nothing quite as magical as that!

Photo from Sew Many Nudes IG.

Rebecca Wise Studio (handmade ceramics and art)

Rebecca, a London-based Queer artist, makes some truly beautiful, considered and unique ceramics in a small, makeshift studio. She is brilliantly 'celebrating and exploring body acceptance, being fat positive and self love'. I'm all about that. 

Photo from Rebecca's Etsy page.
(I definitely have a thing for nude art, don't I?)

Jack & Bec (stickers, buttons, pins, bags, prints, apparel, ornaments and keychains - they do it all!)

Jack and Bec are, in their words, 'Just a deaf girl and a fat girl making magic' - and we love to see it. I love their colour schemes and brilliantly bold statements and designs. Check them out, and fall in love!

Skyfyre Art (fantastical, animal and astrological illustrations/embossings/paintings)

'Illustrations of the natural and fantastical world'... who doesn't love that? Jasmine at Skyfyre is a genuinely kind soul and conjures up some beautiful pieces - I purchased a tote bag she collaborated with another Etsy artist on recently, with her illustration of a pigeon on it, for a friend of mine who has a fascination with pigeons. 

Those are just a small handful of my current small bizz faves. Got any more for me? Comment below, or find me on social media @_gracelatter. I'm also intrigued to hear your thoughts on being more green - gimme your tips!


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